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Noddy says "Back off!"

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Trying to keep the triplets from destroying my desk- I made them a quick playground
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Too cute! Boy, they are growing like weeds!
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They are adorable! And getting big so fast. I must admit that watching the interaction between cats is the most interesting part of cat ownership for me. I just realized today that Bailey treats me as a big cat - asks to be groomed in exactly the same way she asks Sam.

And I love white kittens. Too bad mine aren't.
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Ahh MA they are so ding dang adorable. It looks like they are enjoying that playground very much. And Shell is right.. they are GROWING and FAST!
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They looks so playful and happy!! Looks like something Rock and Fluff would love!
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arhh but shell MUCH cuter than weeds

Aww they are so adorable MA!!!!!
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Call the cute police quick!!!! I think you should patent that playpen...lol.....very pretty babies having a whale of a time.
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You are so creative hissy!
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You could patent that you know.... cute widdle balls of fur too.
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awwwww you have little fluffy white clouds of love too
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