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I got called in to work yesterday evening, and forgot to put the left over turkey from dinner away. I came home 2 hours later, walked into the kitchen, and there was Fred, up on my counter, eating the turkey. Georgia was on the floor, eating a piece that he probably dropped for her. (he's good to share) I walked up to him, and he ran over to me, stood up, and wrapped his paws around my neck. I couldn't even get mad at him, it was so cute. I guess the old boy isn't as feeble as I thought, since he can still jump up on my very high kitchen counters. I didn't think he could. There was nothing I could do but put the plate on the floor and let them have it. Why are they so spoiled?
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yumm yumm!! I bet they enjoyed that!
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Fred sounds like a very smart boy who knew exactly what he was doing.

I know Snowball is spoiled, but that's ONLY because he's so cute and cuddley that I can't resist giving in to him almost all the time! He always knows just what to do when he's done something wrong too. He comes running to us with his tail straight up in the air, and then he starts purring and rubbing against our legs, and...we can't get mad.
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LOL That's so cute!, When my GS Dog sneaks a bit of the kitty's food, she will look up at me with big brown eyes and I can't help but give her a smoosh
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Sounds like Snowball and Fred could get together and found a college Called Cat Con college for all those budding kittens....lol....they sound so sweet.

And Sam....dogs are pretty good at it too.
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Sounds like my boys doing a commando raid on the cookies when I am away from the house. Sammycat will jump up on the counters and get the box then He, Oscar and their buddy Ceasar the MinPin will eat them all. I finally had to get a cannister that he couldn't get the top off to stop the midnight snacking and the raids when I am not home
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