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Holy Cow...

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Well my work-out sessions and such have been great and I have toned my muscles up great. But I've lost only about 9 lbs since I started. I'm an impatient girl when it comes to weight loss and can get very very discouraged. So, on top of my work out sessions I've started the "Atkins: Way of Life". I'm still working out, but for 2 weeks I'm only allowing myslf 20 gms of carbohydrates. After that I'll slowly up the amount of carbs. I'm also allowing myself nothing but water to drink.

So far since I started the Atkins + working out. I've lost 6 lbs, and I started that 2 days ago. Most of it I think it water weight, because I never drank water before and now I'm drinking like a fish. I'm still happy though!!
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Hey congrats! That's awesome! 9lbs is a great improvement girl!
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Glad your having some luck with it, I tried it, only for 2 days and I felt so sick, I had this huge headache and nausea, I have known alot of people on that diet and it worked for them. I dont think I could have kept it up for long anyway, that 2 week induction plan they were talking about in the book was just too much for me. I was all excited about starting that diet and bought the book and the whole thing, and then when I started feeling so sick, I was like, nah, not for me!
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