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My beautiful baby kitties

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Muffy's babies are 8 days old now, and they're starting to open their eyes. You can see a little bit of blue in the corners near their nose. They are so precious and beautiful, and Muffy's such a great mom. I'm enjoying every minute of this. I love to sit in the closet with Muffy and her babies and just watch them. I never knew that kittens will actually have wrestling matches over a nipple! What a sight to see.

All 5 kittens seem to be so healthy. They're all growing at the same rate (although our little black girl is the biggest of them all), and they're clean and plump!

I wish I could post a picture, but I won't be getting to Mom's to use the scanner till the end of July. I am taking lots of pics though!

Thanks for listening - I just had to brag on them!

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They sound so beautiful Dawn! There is nothing so serene and innocent as a baby kitten! I am looking forward to seeing the pics!
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aren't kittens great? When Sasha had hers, my first post on the cat site was a nice, long, bragging session all about them!
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They are great! I can't wait until they are playing around the house. This is just such a wonderful experience!
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That's so sweet Dawn!! You'll have to keep us updated!
Speaking of kittens, I have a question regarding breeding: A friend of mine wants to breed kittens (I can't remember the specific breed). She works full-time and has one cat. My question is, is it ok to do this if she's away from the house every week day for work, or does a queen (and then her kittens) need constant supervision or attention etc? I've only ever bred pet ferrets so I don't have a lot of advice for her about this. Help please!
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You might want to start a thread about this so some of the breeders on this forum can give you advice. I am not a breeder but my experience has been that no, they do not have to be "supervised" and do quite well. Of course, there may be different rules for breeding that I am not aware of. Hattkatts could give you some options. Good luck!
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Oh yeah, of course! Why didn't I think of that!? Thanks!
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I bet they are so adorable. They are so much fun to watch as they grow up. All the best with them.
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Congratulations gram!
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i have to admit i am very jealous!! i have never been around newborn kittens, or even
weeks old kittens!

but it makes me happy that you are enjoying your time with them so much and so well!

maybe one day i'll experience that joy as well

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Dawn, this is such a wonderful experience.
And Blue I hope you get to feel it. When I was a child I used to spend summers with my Granny who had a cat. The cat had kittens every spring and I was fascinated by them. I used to track her to find out where the babies were and once I found them I'd spend days watching them grow. It's one of the best things that's ever happened to me and such a soothing experience as well. It fills you with calm and happiness.
Give them all a from me Dawn and the proud mommy too.
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Dawn! Baby kitties are the best, aren't they!!! And they DO have wrestling matches over the nipple, evn if there is one right beside it, available...they seem to think the one the other kitten is using is much better! :laughing:
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