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I'm glad these interviews went so much better & they are willing to come back again for a second visit, too!
Sounds like things are looking up!
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well I like I said, I don't have the choice of having a stranger watching them this time. my family are all going to the reunion, and I don't have anyone else I feel really comfortable with, and they would be strangers to them also.

I just called another company, I talked to her on the phone a couple weeks ago, and I kind of had the impression that she thinks alot of herself, and is higher priced. well I called her again now, I wasn't going to, since she never returned my email, but I thought I just wanted more people to talk to before I decide. get this,she charges about $9 more an hour, and does not do half hour, then she tells me it will take more than an hour. it will NOT, not to come and check on them and fill the food/water dishes. I just didn't like her holier than thou attitude, but I wanted to meet her, well then she says, she requires a 50% deposit at the time of the meeting...!! excuse me?? I told her this is just an interview.
forget her! she needs a reality check, her competition, also a large company, is not like that! holy cow!
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