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look at the kitties

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yessum i took piccies just now, one kitten decided to try and wander off so we umm put em in a different box and munchkinjust hopped right on in. soo here lookies...
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farther away and more clear looksie
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and yet another
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white kitten central
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tabby all by his lonesome
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They are adorable. I would just caution you to not handle them at all unless they are in distress and mom is not nursing them. If they become in distress, every time you pick one up and put it down, wash your hands before picking up another one. The less you disturb this family, the better off they will be. Feed mom good quality canned food and kitten chow, feed her about 5-6 times a day in small amounts and make sure she has plenty of water. Keep the litterbox in the same room as her, but not close to the food or water. She will want to see her kittens at all times even when using the litter pan. Good luck with the new family. They should be in a dark and warm place, a closet is good for them with the door cracked enough so mom can get in and out, they should not be in the open and they need to be protected from drafts.
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yeah. ive been doing all that. they are in the office with the litter boxes and food. she can see em whenever she wants to. ive only picked up two of em and the one that was trying to get away. he was grease monkey. hes got two black spots on his head.
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AAWWW, that was me 3 weeks ago but with only 3. Two of your yours look just like two of mine....hehe The white one with the gray spot on it's head and your tabby look just like my two boys. My girl is gray and white.

Do you know who the Daddy was? I'm think Angel's love was a gray and white male that came around for the one purpose only cause I have not seen him since. Shame on Angel for the one night stand!! hehe

In about 3 weeks they will start playing and trying to walk. I already know that my white male is the trouble maker cause he is always trying to bite and paw at the other two. They are soooo cute when they are this young. Thanks for sharing!

Cathy and Angel
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Sweet babies!
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Oh they are SO cute!!!
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i think so too. the one with the most gray on his head is the most adventuresome ...

i have no clue about the dad...
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How cute can you get - the little angles!!

Just make sure they all get neutered/spayed when the time comes.
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o, yes yes. my mom already knows one person that wants a kittie. so that means i gotta find five homes.
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awwww what cuties. The white ones look like my babies
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They are TOO cute, How Sweet! Thanks for sharing!!!
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thankies. i think so too.
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They are so precious!
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thankyou. i like your signature... cats are smarty pantsessss
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sew cute!!!
More pictures PLEEEZE.
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