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Philly area cat show next month!

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Just found this on the CFA show schedule. I went to a cat show when I was 18 or 19, but my sister discovered that day that she is allergic to cats, so we weren't there for long!

So, this is the first real cat show I will be going to. I am very psyched!!

There is also another one in NE Philadelphia in October.

August 23-24 PA, KING OF PRUSSIA: Valley Forge Convention Center, 1160 First Avenue. Nova Cat Fanciers Inc. 973-875-1170. Fax 973-702-8283. Email: Bartons@warwick.net. A CFA & Purina Lead Sponsored Show.
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We could meet there!
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Wow, that would be cool!!!

It will probably be just me, since Tybalt works weekends.
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We will have to keep in touch and do it!!
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anybody close enough to go?
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It's about 2 hrs away from Princess Purr... I know there are some folks in the Lancaster area on here too.
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we need to get everyone we can to come!
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I wish I could go!!!!.

There's a Birman Cat Show , here today in Porirua.

My club, Pedigree Persian Cat Club is holding their show next weekend, cool eh
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Anyother's live near Philly? Going to a cat show there,would love to see as many catsite people there as possible!
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This is next weekend. Anyone else going to go? Tybalt and I are planning to attend.
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Don't know how busy we'll be, but if possible we'll try to make it.
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i was gonna go to this because on the 25th we're headed to ocean city, so I was thinking we could leave early and go the long way and stay in philly for 2 nights.. But now it's looking like we can't
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Sherral, with the new job, are you still planning on coming?
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We are going (Mom of 10 cats and Tybalt). Anyone else?

We'll be there Saturday.

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I work Sat & Sunday,darn it!
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Went to the cat show this afternoon. Loads of gorgeous, gorgeous cats! Saw Russian Blues, lots of Persians, some Bengals and Ocicats, Abys, Meezers and American Shorthairs.

No pictures, we forgot the camera.

I met a woman who had been an Aby breeder, who now breeds Ocicats. She has a 3 yr old ruddy Aby spay who needs a home, as the intact Ocicat females are beating her up. All those raging hormones! She is willing to part with her for the cost of a vet checkup and rabies booster, about $50-60. She will be sending me photos in email later in the week, and I am going to "think about it". There's nothing to think about, I want her! Will keep you posted...
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