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Swallowed a fork?????

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How do you "accidently" swallow a fork?!?!?

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Some people are just crazy. I read this story and had to laugh!
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My question would be not to much how you accidentally swallow a fork, but how did the COCKROACH get so far down her throat that she needed a fork to get it out???
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Now THAT is a candidate for the Darwin Awards!
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The story as I read it from says it was a fly. here is the story.

Fly Catcher

Here’s a tip people: a fork is not a fly swatter. An Israeli woman swallowed a fly and then gulped down a fork, attempting to snag the insect that flew in her mouth as she cleaned her home. Doctors in northern Israel quickly worked to correct the problem, as they performed emergency surgery to get the utensil out of the woman. But the bug had already been digested. Meanwhile, one pressing question still remains, and we’re afraid we can’t answer it either because we don’t know why, she swallowed a fly.
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uh oh, now I got the song in my head

i know an old lady who swallowed a fly.....
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Originally posted by valanhb
My question would be not to much how you accidentally swallow a fork, but how did the COCKROACH get so far down her throat that she needed a fork to get it out???

LOL yeah!
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I saw that the other day, some people are CRAAAAAAAAAZY

Yeah kellye I had that stuck in my head as well
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I don't care if it's a roach or a fly....Why the heck would you swallow a fork to get rid of it? Once it's down, it's gone!
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I told my coworker about this, and she said no matter if it were a fly or a roach, she would be gagging and it would come out all by itself! She wouldn't need a FORK to do it! Neither would I!
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that is very odd!
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Gives whole new meaning, to the phrase "gag me with a spoon"!
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omg, how did she do that?! and like others have said, why was a cockroach in her mouth?

it reminds me of this hilarious British show called Coupling. one of the characters is always doing crazy/stupid things, and he was with his girlfriend and swallowed a handcuff key. he said that sometimes he gets so excited when he's with her, he just starts hoovering.
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Well no one here heard about here. Makes me think it may be some sort of internet urban legend.
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I searched and didn't find a thing about this on there. Usually that site has weird stuff like this on there! This does sound rather odd??? I just can't figure out how a person could swallow a fork with out it getting stuck in their throat or with out puncturing your esophagus?
This just makes me go hmmmmmmmmmm....
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I couldn't find it on snopes either. I emailed a large news website on Israel to see if they know what this is all about.
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As I tend to FREAK OUT every time I think about cockroaches, the thought of one getting into my mouth let alone down my throut is so bizzare I just don't know what to think...
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I wouldn't have needed the fork. Mother Nature would have triggered projectile emesis!
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LMAO Cindy - the same goes for me.
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it probally wasnt funny to that person, but i tell ya i laughed out loud when i read that story, i still wonder about the roach thing
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YUCK! a roach? what the heck? I'm with you all, I'd be vomiting the roach and anything else in my stomach up if I "accidently" swallowed one. No fork needed there!
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