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Here is a tough question

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if you knew your child or just a good friend of yours did something illegal, commited nurder, rape, or anything in that area, but you didn't want them to get in trouble,,,would you be willing to protect them so they wouldn't get into trouble or would you make them confess?
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I would make them confess, because what if they did it again - I would then be partly responsible!
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Nobody who commits a crime such as the ones you mentioned deserves my protection. Not only would they be urged to confess, they would probably be ratted out. (Yes, even a child of mine).
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I don't care who is it, or what relationship I had with them, if they did something along the lines of rape or murder and I knew about it I would personally turn them in. I was raised with a very strong sense of personal responsibility. There are consequences to everything you do, and you have to accept those consequences. Enabling someone to get off isn't helping them.
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I agree with Heidi. If it was someone I loved (like a close family member) I would be there for them, but I would not be their enabler. I would never forgive myself if another person was hurt in any way.
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If it were a capital offense, yes, most definitely I would turn them in. A guy I thought I knew well confessed to me that he had killed a woman coworker in a fit of jealousy, but they caught him before I had a chance to turn him in. It was scary, because I had given this guy a ride home, way out in the country when he told me. I had to act like the understanding friend so I could make sure he got out of my car and didn't hurt me. After I dropped him off and was away from him, I had to pull over until I stopped shaking. He seemed like a mild mannered computer geek, and turned out to be a killer. He tried to make it look like a robbery to cover it up.
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OMG that is SCARY. Yes, for those crimes you committed. I would turn them in. Sister, brother, cousin, mother, father, whoever. No person should commit crimes like that to anybody and if I find out about it I'll be the first to head to the Police if I can't convince them to turn themselves in.
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I think I would make them confess and if they didn't then rat them out.
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I agree, I'd rat them out if they didn't turn themselves in. that's why so many people get away with it and do it again, because they have their families and friends to protect them. Look at that lady that was beating her baby in the shopping mall, her family was hiding her if I remember right? that's sick!
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I'd tell them that if they didn't confess i'd turn them in.
If it were a minor though, i'd probably turn them into their parents and let their parents deal with them.
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i dearly love my family and friends, but has hard as it would be i would have to turem in, because if it happened again, i would be to blame also, and i wouldnt want that, and if you ever have listened to someone that has had to do that, that is what they usally say, so yes i would turn them in, because they need help.
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if i didn't report it i become an accessory to a crime. i believe i would report it.

i'm not 100% certain, though. look at the woman years ago who "kidnapped" her own daughter because her ex was molesting the little girl. i would not report her if i knew where she was hiding.
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