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I just got a letter from the Hearst Corporation, they are discontinuing the publishing of Victoria Magazine, with their June issue being the last. This is the only magazine I subscribed to. It was my escape into something beautiful, an era where there were elegance and grace. Everything today is so fast paced and no one seems to dress up anymore. I'm really going to miss it.

Is there a magazine out there that you can't live without?
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I hate when they cancel mags i love cosmo and glamour, and cat fancy I get soooooooo many! I also get ladies home journal and redbook and I think might get others that i'm just not remembering
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I just love the Smithsonian and National Georaphics Magazines - would hate to see them go.
Oh, and of course Cat Fancy!!
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the only magazines i have subs to are business week and fortune, but if i were going to pick others it would be town and country, travel and leisure, and I also like country home.. I'm sure there are others but I can't think right now..
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I am sorry about your mag being discontinued! I don't read mags to often - I am a book person.
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I have to have my Reader's Digest and Newsweek. Those are my only subscriptions.
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I am very much a book person myself. Victoria was the only magazine I read and I guess it was more for the beauty of it than reading the articles.

Have you ever wished that you grew up in a different era?
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I wonder why they're cancelling Victoria--I have some of the very first issues myself, but haven't been able to afford a subscription lately.

My only subscription that I pay for is Redbook, my Mom pays for Family Fun, and we have a free subscription for Child. I used to subscribe to Allure, but it was getting too weird for me. I have some of the very first issues of that mag too.

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Better hang on to those first issues. They might be worth something someday.
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I subscribe to Taste of Home, Family Circle, Budget Living, and Cats&Kittens.
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I used to subscribe to the one that became Rosie, I started throwing them away, unopened, when Rosie O'Donnell's stupid face started being on every cover, and her hypocritical, liberal views took over the whole thing. I think it was McCalls's, but I am not sure.
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Ssorry your mag is being discontinued - we used to have a cat magazine called National Cat and that has simply disappeared.

Have you thought of doing a web search for a similar Magazine - seems like there should be one in England.
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I like National Geographic and Oprah. But I'm not a HUGE magazine fan at all. I also like the Life Special edditions.
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