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my cat needs help!

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I have a 3 year old-female-indoor-cat and she has a problem. Her problem is she will eat a small amount of food then vomit. This has been an on going process that has left us and the vet clueless. She has had every test that is possible and they haven't found anything wrong. She did have tapeworms once before and she doesn't anymore since taking the medication which was a year ago and we know for sure that she does not have them now. When we clean the litter box we check for worms but we find nothing (I know that doesn't sound appealing but we have to do what we have to do).We have tryed changing her food (gradually) a few times but that didn't seem to work. Not only is the vomiting a problem (i know it is a major concern) but she also turned aggressive for some reason. She would come out of nowhere and walk up to one of us and then she would bite and scratch. She does play and she seems fine otherwise. If there is anyone who is having the same problems or anyone with any advice, please let me know. Thank you!
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Is she losing weight at all? If she is still pooping, she is getting something down. I have to use Science Diet Sensitive Stomach for one of my kitties as this happens all the time. I also give him no canned food. Have you tried this? Let me know how it goes!
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steph....she has stayed the same weight...didn't lose or gain any and when I do change the litter box I can tell she is getting something down. I am going to the store tomorrow and I am going to buy the Science Diet for Sensitive Stomachs and we will give it a try...thank you very much
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What tests have the vets run? I would be curious as to what they were looking for. It could be quite a few things.
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As for the tests she had her Physical Assement, QBC, Chemestry Panel 1, Feline Fiv & Felv Cite, Toxoplasmosis IgG and IgM, which everything came back normal. Nothing negative came back with her lab tests. We took her to the vet that time because she was acting very strange (kind of delerious) and she could barely stand up. The only thing that the vet could come up with is that maybe she had a "middle ear" infection which was throwing her equilibrium off. She was given an "Intramuscular Injection," "Antirobe Aquadrops" and "Prednisone" which cleared up her problem that she was having that day. Other than that there were no other tests that he could have done. We did consider a second opinion from another vet but when we brought her in that day there was more than one vet who was working on her because it was an emergency visit. Today she has kept her food down, so far. She was playing earlier and now she is sleeping....so we are stumped.
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Hmm...If all medical problems like hyperthyroidism,diabetes,irritable bowel and liver problems have been ruled out, then it could just be a food allergy. Did the vet give you an RX food? If it is a food allergy they need to be fed a special diet for 6 to 10 weeks. Then if the problem seems to get better, you start adding the different ingredients one at a time and see exactly what they are allergic to. You can also try putting some 3v fatty acid in her food. It helps with inflamation and also digestion.
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