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Fluffy's Vet Visit

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Fluffy went to the vet for the first time yesterday. The vet aid he is about 12 weeks old. He was dewormed and had his first shots. The vet said he's very healthy and he will return in a month for his booster shots.The only weird thing was the vet never heard of Royal Canin Cat Food.
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that is kinda weird that they never heard of the food. I asked my vet what kind he recomends and he said what ever they will eat He gave me samples of purina one, that is what everyone likes best anyway.
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hmmm...is that what you are giving Fluffy?
My vet has never heard of Authority and this is a high quality food as well..I still give it to my babies though..
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Yes Fluffy eats Royal Canin Babycat 34
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Vets know jack about cat food, nor do they usually care what kind you feed them. They all want to push Science Diet too because that's what most of them sell. Science Diet is not as good as they want you to believe.

Glad your vet visit went well though
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I'm not sure about it, but I *think* Science Diet may sponser some veterinary stuff... I thought I read about it somewhere. Anyway, that's what some of the vets at Spike's clinic push (and they sell it there as well). One of the doctors was quite unhappy with me when I told him Spike was eating Nutro, and that I didn't want to change him onto a SD formula. Oddly enough, when we took my sister's cat there for his first checkup as he was a stray, the attending vet said that Nutro is quite a good food. I know they have a lot to keep up on, but you'd think animal nutrition would be somewhat important.
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