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Planets Funniest Animals

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Do any of you get Animal Planet channel? They show a program called Planets Funniest Animals. The cat segments are very funny. A man who ie eating corn on the cob has a cat who is eating on the other side? I like the one were the dogs and cats are wrestling. It is really funny. I wish they had a show that belonged to the cat.
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I've seen the previews for that show, but I've never seen it. I watch Animal Planet a lot, since it is one of the few channels that I think is ok for the kids. I have noticed that they hardly devote any time at all to cats. They have the Breed All About It show, which is only dogs. They have A Pet Story, which has lots of animals, but one or two episodes about cats. They also have shows about crocodiles, spiders, sharks, etc, but hardly any cats. Surely there'd be an audience for that kind of show!

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There is a show on cats, but it is not the kind you can cuddle with. It's called the Big Cat Diary. They should have more big cats on the show. The jaguar of South America, The cougar of, bobcat, and lynx of norht america, and the tigers.
The only other cats i see is on Emergency Vet.
Hopefully one day, they will put more cats on there.
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Yes, I've seen the show, I thought the cat eating corn with the man was funny too. It's a great show but I don't get to watch it often because I don't get the channel, I watch it at my mother's house sometimes. My sister is always telling me about Emergency Vets, some of those stories are so sad. A new show is supposed to start coming on next week, can't remember the name of it but it's about police officers who are in a special unit to catch animal abusers and stuff, sounds really interesting and I'm gonna try and be there to watch it or get it recorded. I think it starts coming on next Tuesday.
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I do like the Big Cat diary. I like to see shows about the big cats. My favorite is the Bengal tiger and the Siberian tiger. I also like the ocelot and other one that looks like the ocelot(I forgot the name)When I see Jake pouncing and chasing something, I pretend he is a tiger or a lion about to catch his prey.
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Nena! We get animal planet here, too, and I love that show!!!
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