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I am Getting Sick

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I think I am catching a cold or flu. My throat is starting to hurt and I have nasal congestion and sinus. I've been taking Zyrtec for my allergies. I have to go get some chicken soup and drink lots of fluids. I can't stay home because here at school they get really strict on attendance(boy do they care about someone coming in sick and getting everyone else sick!!!!) Do any of you think I can take the Zyrtec and a cold medicine or leave the zyrtec until I feel better? I have to get good night sleep because If I don't I get really grouchy. I didn't sleep very well last night because of stuffy nose. Can you guys belive getting sick in summer?
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There's nothing worse than a summer cold! I don't think there would be a problem taking allergy medicine and cold medicine, although it might make you sleepy. Maybe you could call the dr who prescribed the allergy medicine and ask a nurse. They would know for sure. In the mean time, get some echinacia (sp?) and take some Vitamin C! Hope you feel better soon.

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Don't take a cold medicine if it has an antihistamine in it! You'll be double dosing as Zyrtec is an antihistamine. If it is just a decongestant and a cough medicine you can take it together with the Zyrtec
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Please don't be sick!

I hope you'll be right as rain soon. Go ahead and sneeze directly into the faces of those anal-retentive school people.

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There are a few things you are not supposed to take with the Zyrtek. My daughter has to take that. I just can't remember what they are. When in doubt..always call the pharmacy and ask about the drung interactions.
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Get well soon Nena!!
My advice is take a lot of vitamines (vitamin C most of all).
Hope you feel better soon
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I think I only have a head cold because I sneeze alot. I don't think it was allergies because I take the zyrtec and I still sneeze alot and have a nasal congestion. I also have sinus pain and have slight chills. Been eating alot of chicken soup
and orange juice. I think its because of the weather changing all the time. Thanks everyone for their support. I took the zyrtec and a dose of Tylenol Sinus. It did put me to sleep but I take it at night and i would have slept through, but jake wanted attention. He kept bouncing and running all over the room. About ready to put him in his carrier or tie him up!!!!!!!!!
Don't anybody panic. I did not do any of the above. Just let jake get his energy off.
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Oh Nena! I am sorry to hear you are sick!!! I will say a prayer, and hope you get better fast! Colds really stink!!!!!!!!!
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