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"Did I just hear the word "V-E-T?"

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I'm not worried!
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Love it........
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Ha! So cute and trusting! (my cats won't go near the carriers)
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All my cats will go in the carriers. I condition them early on to get used to it, so there is no fight going on when I do have to take them to the vet. The carriers are out 24/7 and the cats are free to go in and out. I take the doors off so they feel safe, but they also travel well when the doors are on. It just takes patience to reprogram their fears.
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That's SUCH a cute photo MA, Who is it?

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That is "Special K" or The Big Kahuna
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Lordy how I wish I could have cats that easy to get into a carrier!
When we took all four to the vet, the only one that was easy to get into the carrier was Rocket(my abby). then after he was examined he didn't want to get back into the carrier! he wanted the vet to pay attention to only him! he cried like a baby when we put him back in it!
the others cowered and Twig(my gray tabby) even growled when the vet had her back turned! LOL!
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LOL Gorgeous Names!

I do the same thing as you MA, I have cat carries around the house, pulled apart without doors so that the cats know , carry cages are there 'friend'

Thanks for sharing!
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LOL.... He sure looks relaxed.
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That is soo funny!!! LMAO
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That's an adorable pic .
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Im the same, I leave the carrier with the door open, Peedoodle loves sitting in it.

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I leave my carrier out 24/7 - I have the soft kind and ever so often used to put Loki in it. He now goes in on his own and even naps in it.
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Too cute!
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Haha that is an awesome pic I dont really have room to leave the carrier laying around.. plus I rarely go to the vet but once a year (I'm assuming, unless something happens ) And actually a week after I got Zoey, I had to take her for a full check up, I plopped her right in the carrier and she barely made a fuss.. didnt even meow in the car. I'm thinking she probly didnt know what was going on since she's young LOL.. but I'm sure through the years she will get wise and figure it out
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Aww that's so cute!!
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MA...Kahuna looks so traumatized, LOL! Thanks for the tip, too. I'll try removing the cage door to my cages and leaving them out...Spot FREAKS out when it's time to go to the vet and he's petrified of the cat cage.

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Hmm, I don't use carriers when we take the boys to the vet usually. THey run loose in the back seat of my car with their harnesses on, and then we leash them and carry them in. Boo has to have a carrier tho, she doesnt like car rides (yet, haven't really acclimatized her to it.)
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