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Do you comfort eat????

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.. when you are feeling down, sad, greiving.???

I eat alot when I'm feeling sad, I don't care about what i'm eating as long as it has a high calorie rate(LOL), I shouldn't but sometimes it just makes me feel better.
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Peanut butter, in any form
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I am just the opposite. I don't eat when I'm down and really depressed. I just eat the rest of the time!
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Definetly!!! I don't really crave chocolate/sweets, b/c when I was younger I was so allergic to them and I paid dearly for eating them even in small quantities that now I don't really. My favorite foods of all time are sticky mashed potatoes, pancakes and homemade syrup, and probably a few others that I can't remember what they are right now....obviously I haven't needed them for awhile, eh? Anyways, I'm sure they will come out of hiding eventually!!!
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....if I'm feeling sad or depressed I just go and buy something expensive...lucky for me I'm very seldom sad or depressed...

but when I'm angry....
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Pies,Chips,Coke,Pan-cakes,Choc.,Ice-cream Awwww yuuuuuummmmie!!
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No, don't tend to eat when sad - hardly ever get really depressed but I do like coke or the like. As a Homoeopath it is not surprising as one of the ingredients in Coke is phosophoric acid and in Homoeopathy this is a remedy for depression - so the more you drink coke the more you need it to overcome the "downer".lol. Ssame with anything that is addictive like caffeine - initial kick followed by a downer which needs another kick. Still do it though.
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Wow! Heather I never knew that. Thanks for sharing the facts about Coca-Cola!
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I just ate a Meat Pie
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any type of sweet.doesn't really matter...I like chocolate as cream is what I like to eat for comfort most of the time.
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Oh definitely, but what I eat depends upon everything around me. If I have the money I'll actually go out and buy whatever it is I have a taste for in quantity. But then I've also been diagnosed with Binge Eating disorder. I never really gained weight because of it, though, until I went on Zoloft. Needless to say, I'm no longer on that med.

Kitties are better though. When my kitties were living with me, whenever I'd start getting depressed or something I'd grab Toes and just snuggle, snuggle, snuggle (usually saying something like, "Give me some of that kitty sugar!"). Toes is really good whenever I'm down. Right now I grab my hubby.
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i can't eat when i'm down.. if i try to i end up getting sick..
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Yes, I have all my life, and now I am paying for it with health problems. I still do it though.
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Absolutely any CARB - I am a CARB addict!!
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If I try to eat, when I'm depressed, I throw up. Right after my husband deserted me, I subsisted on coffee and cigarettes. Lost 25 pounds and got into a size 12 skirt!

Its been two years, now and most of the weight is still off. My job tends to attract morbidly obese people. We have a number of 300+ and several, over 400. That's enough incentive, for me to be careful.
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Rack me up as another 'just the opposite' person. When I am truly upset about something, I am simply nauseus and can't eat at all. I have been that way since childhood.
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Yup, definitely comfort eat. That's why I look the way I do....2-3 years of dealing with Mom's cancer and a really horrible job, relationship problems compounded by the fact that I was depressed, and add Depo Provera and Paxil to it, both known to cause weight gain and....

Now I need to do better with my eating choices.
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My comfort food has always been brownies homemade.
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Oh I'm really glad I'm not the only one that comfort eats

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I'm definitely a comfort eater. Bad thing is when I'm down about something, I'm down about everything. So, I eat and eat...then I look in the mirror and I realize that I'm a fat what do I do? I eat some more. Sometimes I hate how my brain works!
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Your solutions are very good ones and health giving as well....come on Sam ....get away from the computer and take that beautiful dog of yours for a long you both good.
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Awww! Shell you are anything BUT a fat pig you ate beautiful Don't think like that! Please hun...

LOL Heather, I'm kinda still in my jarmies..LOL.

This Dog, Soul??

Or this one Jazz, my fave animal in the whole world
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Sam, those dogs are beautiful!

I have never been a comfort eater, going shopping and buying something nice works for me.

Unfortunately, my co-workers are all comfort eaters, and since we take our breaks together, I HAVE to eat comfort foods like doughnuts, cake and icecream. Eating sugary food (all the time) makes me feel strange and kind of dizzy, for some reason, but I'm not a Diabetic.
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Thank you Lorie , They send you slobbery kisses .. LOL

Awww! Shopping, I love it!
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I shop.
Retail theraphy.
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