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Just a sad poem

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I used to be good at poems (I was publised a few times). I can only write when I'm very depressed and i haven't written in YEARS. But here goes nothing... (

Age doesn't matter
Their time is here
And you must say goodbye
to the one you hold most dear

You remember the times
They made you smile
You remember the way
They could run for miles

You remember the times
That you just cuddled
You remember the times
When they caused all that trouble

You would give anything
For just one hour
But they are gone
it is out of your power

They watch over you daily
and thank you for the love
They send you purrs and kisses
From far up above

Even though they aren't with you
They are still right by your side
One day you will meet again
You won't remember the tears you cried

©Valerie Smith July 10, 2003 (ruff draft)

In memory of isadora, hally, cally, maui and MA's kitty Bartee
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That's such a sweet peom Val!, It really made me cry, I have written what I consider to be dark n depressing poetry as well, I would love to share! I must find the books.

Thank you for sharing, dear friend!

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wow valerie..I am impressed! Beautiful!
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That's so beautiful peom.. I love it.. I ll copy yours with your permission and your name on it for sure.. THANKS!

Id love to hear more poems of yours sometime.
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thank you I just wrote it really quick, it seems to help me alot to just right what i'm feeling.
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