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If I seem a little tense...

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We no longer have medical insurance and I am out of my medication. *sigh* I'm hoping hubby will be back to work soon as we are living on a shoestring right now.
We looked into paying for my meds, but it's about $700. for a months worth. Bummer.
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Bummer Teresa... I will be thinking back to work vibes for Hubby. Dont worry, things will pick up soon for you.
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Holly cow that is a lot of $ for meds. Maybe you could ask your Dr. for some samples to help out until you get the insurance back.
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I have been in your shoes Teresa,,,,(((hugs))) I really wish I could help ya out, but hopefully your husband will be able to find something soon... hang in there..You really seem to have a good attitude about it all though...
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Wowie That's alot of money Teresa! I'm sorry!, I hope your hubby finds a job soon, You have my blessings!

Love Sam.
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hey i have a suggestion, where i live, the phamacey will let you get juat a few at a time, if you cant get them all at once, some meds. they cant do that for, but most of them they can, you might try that and see, wouldnt hurt, hope things gets better for ya.
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Ted & I are in this same boat,and Ted's unempolment ran out today!I have about 3 weeks of med.s left.About 1 week of food. And he made too much in the last 3 months to get food stamps!So for 3 months if we don't have any money coming in we could then get food stamps!DAH! Life sure sucks!!
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To top it off we did't know intill today,it was running out!
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Oh That Sucks Sherral

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I have no idea how close to the Mexican border you are, but if you go to Mexico you can get meds REALLY cheap and you don't need a perscription. My mother does this because she can't afford to have her perscriptions filled and she doesn't have med insurance either.
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((((HUGS)))) for all. I am there now too. It is sort of my fault cause I retired early to get out of a situation I couldn't deal with anymore but the effect is still the same. No insurance and meds are sky high. Hopefully, I will be going back to work part time (enough to get ins and a little extra money)soon.
Good vibes for you all.
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Wow, thats expensive, I'm glad we are military, its all free!
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Sounds scary. Fortunately although I don't have medical insurance here in Australia so far we get a bit of help if unemployed but actually I am a Homoeopath and have not taken orthodox medication for many many years......homoeopathic remedies are a lot cheaper ......mine have seen me through a double pneumonia, gangrene and a bleeding duodenal ulcer.

Eating for 3 months is another thing. Guess if you took it as a challenge you could go back to basics and try to make interesting things yourself with vegies etc. Sometimes on market days the fresh vegies can be really cheap and although meat can be expensive you get lots of good nutrition from the veg.and pasta / rice gives good calories - energy. Hope it picks up for you all soon!!
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I hope that things get better for you soon! Definately tell the doctor your prediciment and hopefully he will give you samples - pharmaceutical sales reps give them freebies all of the time!
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Your local Salvation Army will help you out in times of need. They have a food pantry.
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