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He Loves To Chew

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Jake loves to chew on everything(including my fingers) and I am wondering if the rawhide bones and scraps given to dogs can be good for cats to chew on? What do you guys recommend for chew toys for cats?
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I don't know if I'd give a cat rawhide, but I know I've heard of cat chew treats. I'd check petsmart or some other large pet store. Oh, and I think I saw some in the Revival Animal Health catalog.

OK, I just looked it up in the catalog, and the ones in Revival are called CET Forte Chews for cats. Looks like they're some kind of freeze dried fish. They have a website - revivalanimal.com. Maybe you could check there.

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I've given my cats rawhide chews and all they do is bat them around. I don't think it'll hurt your cat. I get my cats the furry mice and the soft small shiny balls to play with
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One of my cats was a big chewer for the first few years of her life.
She used to love to chew on hard plastic and wooden things around the house. It ended up looking like there was a puppy around! I'm surprised she didn't break her teeth. She actually did chew on the dog's bone a couple of times! A soft dog chew might be appealing to your cat. Some cats just have strange habits.
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My cat chews on stuff too, especially rubber things. I got him this thing from petsmart.com-it's called a Cat Spa, and it's this round thing that has "massaging pads", grooming brush things, and a chewing thing in the middle. I think it was only about $20. The only thing is that my cat is a little agressive, and he would sometimes stand on the spa, bite the chewing part, pull it out and run off with it! I don't think that is normal though-he had to pull pretty darn hard to get it out!
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