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maui is with his sister now
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I'm so sorry that you have lost Maui too!
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Val I am sorry....please know it is nothing you did, it just happens.
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I am so sorry about all of the kitties -- they are together now and not suffering.
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I keep second guessing myself, but I knwo if I would have done things different I would be second guessing the other way. I just need to take some time and focus on alll the many cats I still have. Neo is sick, bonnie is sick, sebastion maybe sick I just want my guys to be healthy!
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I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of the 'triplets'(not 2 be confused with MA's triplets,winkin.blinkin&nodd), It's really sad and we r hear 4 u dear friend

Are you going to keep Bonnie now her tests came back neg?

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