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Out into The Wild Blue Yonder.....

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Hi everyone,

Am sorry haven't been in touch, I attempted to attach some pictures of my new furry family, but I just couldn't get it to work....
Moomin and Biscuit are doing really well...the powerplay has settled down, about the time that Moomin had a growth spurt and is now bigger than her ginger companion! Phewph!
The thing I would like advice on if you can help is letting them outside....we are both really nervous about it....I bought them leads and have taken them out already, but I get the impression that they are a tad freaked out and would probably run off and not be able to find home?
What's the best thing to do?
They are 6 and 7 months old, fully jabbed and spey....
Would appreciate your advice....
Thanks heaps!
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I think I would just let them be inside kitties. There are other kitties that may think these two are invading their teritory and could severly harm your babies.
If they were to get spooked outside they would not be able to find their way home and could starve to death just a few houses away.
Then there are dogs, cars, eagles, and disease. Don't forget the crazy people that chop up cats and leave them on the door step.
I would just let them stay inside where they feel comforatble and safe.
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I would just keep them as inside kitties. They'll live longer too! I've lost too many cats in the past that were outdoor cats.
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I'd also keep them as inside-only cats. It's just so much safer. (imo)
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Indoor cats have the best life and live longer.
If you think they really need fresh air take them out on leads or get someone to build you a cat enclosure where they can spend a bit of time.

Loose outdoor - too many risks.....to mention a few can catch aids/leuk from fighting cats, killed by dogs, stolen by well meanine/nasty people, run over by cars, strayed and starved ....naw!!! keep them inside.

Mine don't miss it and watch the birds from the garden windows or the closed and snibbed screen doors.....some have access to the outdoors as my yard is cat proofed but they want to come inside all the time.
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