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Quick Reply

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Ever thought about adding quick reply here? What it is is basically a box below the threads that lets you reply within it, if you wish to type just words, nothing fancy like attaching pics etc, and the pros are it eliminates the need to hit "reply" or "quote" before you start posting. Comes in handy for people with dial up that have to wait for the page to load after they hit reply.
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Yep - it will be added for sure in the next upgrade - a very handy feature. I can't wait for VB to finally release the official VB 3.0. We'll have tons of new features when they do and this will be one of them.

Thanks for the suggestion Sicy!
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Ooooh, I like that idea!
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OMG I LOVEEEEEEEE quick reply on other boards. I can't wait until we get it!
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Sicy, a person who NEVER posts without a smilie, suggesting a 'quick reply' form.
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LMAO!! That's ok because I know all the codes.. I just type them anyway
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I LOVE THAT IDEA!!!! Great, Big thumbs up! especially in the spam thread when ya trying to get some quick posts, not talking about me ..LOL
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Haha.. suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure
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Anne any updates on putting in Quick Reply?
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Nope - still waiting for VB to release the stable version of VB3. I read all sorts of horror stories on their forums, with people who installed the beta version and had tons of problems. They do say that unless you're a PHP guru yourself (which I'm not) you shouldn't fiddle with the beta version and wait for the official release.

No date for the official release though. They just keep saying "in 2-3 weeks" for the past 2-3 months
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I see Thanks for replying.
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