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Cat longevity

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If my kittens are in fact, Egyptian Maus, and they live about 12 to 14 years, is that a relatively long life? I was hoping to adopt plain old tabbies that would live to be old, fat, cats for about 20 years or so. Any comments on cat longevity and cat breeds would be appreciated!

Here's a very recent pic of Lucy:
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I think the average life span of any indoor only cat is anywhere from 12 - 20 years. Except for Manx.. I think I heard they dont live as long or are more likely to develop disease
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Oddly enough, he was a totally outside cat that never visited a vet nor did he have any vaccinations. One time he was missing for two months and reappeared as a battle weary cat with cuts and lacerations. My grandmother, however, lived in a very rural area with one main street that didn't have much traffic. I was hoping to get a cat like that.

One of my kittens, kept inside the house for safety, possibly breaks her tail. Mysty, my lost cat, who was outside/inside, never had a broken, dislocated, or damaged tail. It's really ironic.
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Your kittens are quite cute and they look like Mackeral Tabbies. Egyptian Maus have a very distinct pattern to their coat.

If you provide the proper care for your kittens, get them vetted spayed and neutered don't subject them to declawing or other trauma, feed the the right types of food, your kittens can live for 17-24 years.
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All I'm asking for are some old, fat, lazy tabby cats! Seriously, though, these kittens have spots and they have them on their tummies, just like the Egyptian Maus. Their Mom cat looks like she's a broken-spotted tabby.

I saw the pics that you posted of your feral cats, Hissy, and I can't believe how beautiful they are! The gray one looks a lot like my lost Mysty cat. With all the wooded area surrounding me, I have never yet seen an adult feral cat, but the kids in the neighborhood can attest to that "big fat black cat," that was seen with Mysty. Is it possible that Mysty could have joined a feral colony out in the woods somewhere? He did start life as a feral kitten until we found him under our backporch and we more or less tamed him. Even after that, Mysty always wanted to go outdoors.
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I have a friend who has a cat who is 20 years old....It seems she has some tortie in her but I really don't know..I have to ask her....she is always commenting on she has had her cat longer than she has been married... the cats name is Sophie
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I have a friend who's cat is going to be eightteen this year, and he suspects that with Pit Fiend's health going strong that he should last another couple years or so.

Indoor cats can live a long time.

As for Egyptian Maus - here's Isis the Oreo Chaos Kitten a silver Mau. She has spots all over her tummy, back, and sides. (And she's getting big now!)
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Here's another Mau kitten, taken right from a breeder's site. This kitten is described as a bronze Mau, has a coat of all colors; brown, black, and white, and doesn't have the characteristic spots nor the broken necklace that defines the Mau cat. Cindy and Lucy have more body spots and the broken necklace. This kitten, as Isis, in the picture you posted, and as Lucy and Cindy, do have the very large ears. Actually, the kitten's pic that I'm posting looks a lot like Cindy's and Lucy's brother, Max, as Max has white chest fur and white paws.
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I made a big mistake!! That pic is from a litter of kittens that were sired by an Egyptian Mau pedigree female and a roving Maine Coon male named Fluffy. Apparently, the Maine Coon broke into the cattery by jumping over the electric fence and a litter of seven Egyptian Coons was the result. The cattery owner is selling the kittens and I made the mistake of posting the pics which I thought were EM kittens before reading the story.

Twenty years of age is pretty good for an outdoor cat, no?

Here's a pic we took of Cindy and she looks almost Tabby/Persian in it! Hmm, considering that Cindy, Lucy, and Max look an awful lot like the Mau/Coon kittens, maybe they even have a touch of Persian?

Any suggestions on how to get rid of that eye glow?
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Xastion, that cat is so beautiful.
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I also want my girls to live a long healthy life, and I do not mean this in a mean way, cuz I want your cats to live a long healthy life, but just remember, fat is not a good thing for a cat as it can have bad results healthwise, my last cat lived to just a month past 12, and I felt that was too soon, I thought I would have her at least a few more years. Linda
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