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His morning office staff leaves much to be desired but he is awesome. I brough neo in (he has an eye infection ) and told him we were going to take the mom kitty bonnie to the kitty ER tonight because he was booked, and he said don't do that bring her in after hours! I could have kissed him. What a wonderful man! And he gave me free samples off purina one (my cats LOVE that) and he told me to use half a tube of the adult advantage on the kittens instead of buying the kitten kind to save money What a man!
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What a great guy! My vet let me know that Frankie wasn't as ill as I had thought and was just dehydrated. I was set to put him down. He is now on special food and getting fluids subQ.
I would stick to the vet you have, he is a keeper!
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LOL Yeeeeehaw Val!!!! WTG Mate you got yourself a lovely vet , what would rich have said when you were gonna 'kiss' him LOL

Have Fun!!!!!!

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That's great Val!!! I loveeee competant vets!! Our animals are so important to us.. they should all realize that and sympathize!
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good you have such a great vet My vet is pretty awesome, but he charges an arm and 3 legs for service, of course he also owns a wild animal shelter he has to provide for so it's for a good cause. You should see all the lions and tigers he has...
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I wish my mechanic was like that!
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That's great Val! What a wonderful guy!
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Way to go Val! It's hard to find a good vet that isn't more concerned with the almighty dollar!

Teresa, I didn't know Frankie was ill again. This is different from his injury? How is he doing? Any new pictures? I sure wish I was close enough... I'd come adopt little Frankie myself. Such a cutie patootie.
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wow! thats awesome!! what a nice vet!
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