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The kittie that dunks things in his water bowl..

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If anyone remembers, my cat Tigger was the one who would drop items in his water bowel, then drag them aroung sopping wet? Anyway, he's getting out of control! It was cute, BUT now I'm having to child proof my house! He's figured how to get clothes out of the hamper and open the kitchen drawers to get to the dish rags. Yesterday the water took on a festive appearance when he dropped the whole block of post-it notes (the one we leave by the phone to write numbers on)in the bowel and the dye ran everywhere.

The other day I had the luxury to come home and find that one cat uninated on the couch and another left a suprise on the carpet. Well the answer was clear when I looked at the laundry room door. Due to Tigger's failed efforts to bring a full size beach towel through the kittie door, the cats didn't have access to their litter - the door was full of beach towel! He even tried to pull my sock off my foot last night. We can't even bring the mail in and set it down or he'll run with it to the water bowel. Any ideas other than locking up every movable object in the house?
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LOLROF Ahmmmmm - sorry - but I was just picturing this!!

Thank God Loki only tips over the water bowl - solution I put it in the bathroom sink. But in your case I think you need to baby proof your house.
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omg LMAO!! I'm sorry, I dont mean to laugh but I was literally laughing out loud as I read your post.

Man.. I dont really have any ideas. Is there somewhere you can put his water bowl where its away from most objects? Or will he just go find something to drag in there? omg the mental image just makes me laugh, but I can understand how it could become frustrating after some time.
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The water bowel is isolated at in the corner of my kitchen - probably couldn't be farther away from his "findings". He just drags them from wherever. I'd have loved to be there when he was fighting with the beach towel though LOL! I've had cats all my life and never had one this odd! He also taught himself to fetch three days ago. I was trying to distract him when I saw him heading to the water bowel with a sock he dug up. So I threw a toy at him (not AT him just in the general area) hoping to distract him. Well he grabbed it, ran to me and - NO LIE - SPIT it at me and then sat staring at me. so I threw it and sure enough, he ran after it, came back, spit it at me, and sat down. He now has been doing this consistently for the past few days (it's REALLY cute because he doesn't just drop it - he actually spits it "at" me). Anyway back to the water issue, I guess I'll just have to be careful and set something heavy on the clothes hamper. He's already dunked a VERY important receipt than cam in the mail :o(
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This is a water bottle on a stand and the cats cannot drop anything into it. http://www.geocities.com/persianpal2001/index.html
It stays clean and free of extras!
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That's a great product Teresa!

Wow, your cat sounds like a dog reincarnate! *giggles* I feel for you, but it is really funny. Thank goodness you are so understanding, I am afraid lesser patient people would have gotten rid of the kitten by now. heh.
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Wow that's pretty cool Dragon Lady! I wonder how hard it would be to teach them to use that LOL.

Zoey plays fetch too, its AWESOME! She just started doing it a few weeks ago. I throw her catnip pouch on top of her cat tree, and she runs up there and grabs it in her mouth, jumps down and drops it at my feet We can do this a few times before she gets tired of jumping up and down the tree
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All my cats do is eat and hog the bed! LOL I wish I could find some kids to help with the brushing and playing with the kitties!

I would love to have the help. Frankie takes up so much of my time, and with the kids and grandkids, I'm wiped out!
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