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3 items from the smoking gun

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Remember Susan Smith, the South Carolina woman who killed her two boys by rolling her auto into a lake while the children slept in their car seats?
Well, she's serving life in prison and just placed an online personal ad seeking pen pals willing to correspond with a "sensitive, caring, and kind-hearted" baby killer. Oh, she happens to love "rainbows, Mickey Mouse, the beach, the mountains, and waterfalls." Details at:

Claiming that their beloved Clay Aiken was robbed of the "American Idol" title, fans of the geeky singer flooded the Federal Communications Commission with letters calling for a federal probe of the Fox show's voting process and Ruben Studdard's victory. "Something stinks here and it's not Ruben's sweaty 205 jersey," one fan wrote. Amusing FCC letters at:

We're happy to report that Pennsylvania's serial spanker has been apprehended:
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Who on earth would write to Susan Smith?????????
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What I want to know is why in the hell a person who is incarcerated has access to the internet?????? Shouldn't she be out digging a ditch or something?
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Moving this over to IMO......
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"I am a Christian?" I knowingly killed my babies in cold blood, but "I am a Christian?" Give me a bloody break! Bet her kids loved Mickey Mouse and rainbows too! Hopefully in her lifetime she will never see either of her two favorite things again!
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Good point Deb.
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I wonder how many people will send Susan Smith poison-pen pal emails? You have to wonder about the kind of people who would be willing to correspond with someone like her.

Deb, she should be out digging ditches or something, not getting internet access. Prison should be a punishment, not a chance to meet new people.
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The sick b**** should have been put to death!!
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Sherral! Such harsh words coming from a Pastors wife!
Don't worry, I think the same exact thing and could tell you all what I think of her but those words aren't allowed on here!
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shell,even a pastor's wife can feel such angry at a stupid person!( by the way Ted is the churchie one not me)
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I am just so BURNED by the idea that she is sitting around in prison surfing the net!

1. Isn't prison supposed to be UNPLEASANT?

2. What separates her life from mine?
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Deb, she gets free meals, has no other responsibilities to attend to, doesn't have to go to work, doesn't have to worry about bills, and she doesn't have to worry about the boss catching her online.

You get to sit inside a building all all day, get to go outside for 1/2 hour to 1 hour per day ---- oh wait, so does she.

Basically you get to leave your building at the end of the day. Not much else.

OK, I know there are lots of differences, but if she gets to surf all day, watch TV, read, etc. she may just have an easier life than the rest of us!
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Word has it that she regularly gets the s*** beaten out of her, by the other prisoners. There is SOME justice in the world.
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I am sure that she will get a lot of responses from people who are just as sick as she is!

On the Clay Aiken story - I agree! He should have won, something is fishy!
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Who on earth would write to Susan Smith?????????
Probably some other crazy lunatic who killed their kids too...It surprises me that they would even let people like this have access to the internet...scary heh?
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Well, as a free citizen, I am gratified to know that as I sit here surfing the net all day there are stacks of bills that I COULD be paying......

Seriously though, excuse the heck out of me, but I do NOT think that any prisoner should have the luxury of having internet access. I want them all saying, "It's like a prison in here".
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From an article on the Susan Smith thing on

I feel a bit better. According to the actual site that sponsors these prison pen pals, prisoners do not actually HAVE access to computers and the internet. Your first email to the prisoner is delivered to him/her along with your return address, and you correspond via snail mail.

However, a few years ago a couple of prison guards were discliplined for having sex with Ms. Smith. Yeah, so much for Mickey Mouse.
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Prisoners have WAY too many "rights". Charlie Manson has a web site and earns money,from selling songs that he writes. One of the Menendez brothers has gotten married, in prison. Some dim bulb even married Ted Bundy, during his trial.

I still say that the appropriate punishment, for Susan Smith, would have been to strap her into a car and push it into a lake.
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Yes,so do I!
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