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urinating outside the box

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We have a nine year old himalayan (male) who has recently begun urinating outside his box. His new favorite spot is on our bed - the pillows primarily, although he has gone on the bedspread too. I have had him checked by two different vets, our usual vet whom we have consulted for years, as well as a new one for a new opinion. Both say the same thing - no infection that they can see. He has had infections before and was even blocked once, but he never marked his territory like this. I only knew he was sick before because he was in and out of his box so much that I thought something was wrong. We have a second cat and a dog, but both have been with us for years (the dog, who is the newest, for almost 7 years!) We have an 18 month old daughter, and I am wondering if this is a reaction to her relatively new mobility? She does try to pet the cats and touch them if she sees them - maybe this frightens him? We have not switched litter or food (he is on a special diet to prevent crystals forming). I have put plastic down on the bed to try to deter him and I have begun cleaning the box out everyday without fail - I did it every third day or so before. We have one large box for the two cats and they have always shared just fine. He does poop in the box, but I am at my wits end here! The plastic seemed like it was working, but I noticed yesterday that he had peed on the plastic! The last time I discussed this with my vet he said I needed to make a decision as to whether or not I could live with this. I asked him if he was saying I had to decide if I was going to put him down or put up with this? He said yes. Any other ideas? I really don't want to do that, but I can not live with this going on - it actually is quite disgusting! This is my last hope. Thanks in advance!
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this is a hard one , I know . I have 3 male cat who are spraying . I know why they are spraying , they mark by the doors where they smell the outside cats and dogs I have . But did you ck if he just pee or is he lifting his tail while doing that . Lifting his tail is spraying .Maybe he can see a new cat on the block from the window where you life .Did you ck all the forum about that problem in behavior . There are great ideas to help you and your cat . But what ever you do don't put him down for that , there is always a better way like finding a new home for him .Please dont give up yet , there is still some hope .
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The first thing you need to do is to never ever go back to that vet! I am shocked and saddened that a vet would suggest putting down a cat just because it pees in the wrong place. What a flaming idiot he is!

Now that I have that out of my system, there are many, many suggestion I have for you. First, please take the time to click here to read solutions to inappropriate peeing problems. You will see many ideas to try. Oftentimes I put this link and people chose not to read it (I can't figure out why people looking for help don't read this thread). It is chock full of solutions, so please take the time to go through it.

Also, remember that just because the cat was okay with one box in the past, doesn't mean he still is okay with it. Most cats prefer to have one box to pee in and one to poop in. And most cats prefer to have their own box. I'll bet things will improve when you add a second box. Remember that just like your tastes and preferences change over time, so do those of our animals.

And...when cats pee on the bed it is most often a sign that they are stressed. Having a toddler in the house is a very stressful thing for a cat. Using Dr. Bach's Rescue Remedy will likely help calm his nerves. You can find this at most health food stores. You can put the drops in his water or mix it into a small amount of food.

Anyway...there are solutions to this problem. Your vet should have his license revoked for suggesting that death is the only solution to inappropriate peeing!
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Also try this link to try and find the reason:

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