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Jake's Playmate

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I am trying to adopt another cat for Jake. Until then, Jake has used my hands as temporaries. Biting and nibbling. He would start purring at me and I start to pet him. Then we start wrestling. He tries to bite my fingers and I would get them out of his reach. I would dodge him and he sometimes win. I don't mind(even if I end up with bite marks allover my hands. It is kind of fun. Yes it can be painful. But one thing puzzles me.He would start to chew on one of my fingers and then starts to suck on it. He is five months old. Any idea why he does it?
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First rule of thumb (no pun intended) never play with a cat by letting him attack your hands. That will teach the cat to bite. Use a teaser or a cat toy. How old was Jake when he was taken from his mother? It could be he was taken too early and that is why he is sucking on your finger. Does he also try to suck on your neck, pajamas or ear? That's another indication that he was taken too early.

If you don't want him biting you, don't use your hands. If he does bite while you're petting, firmly say "NO!" then walk away. This will show him that this kind of behavior is unacceptable.
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Another kitten/young cat of about the same age as Jake will make so much difference to him. I had a 6 mo who was almost scratching/biting me to pieces. He was obviously desperate for a playmate so I got a slightly younger one from the refuge. Problem solved immediately. Too much difference in age and it won't work so well. Re the sucking, even older cats will do this, especially to an item of clothing and if they are very happy resting in your arms.
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