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Does sneezing always mean they are sick?

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Sebastion sneezes once in awhile. He goes in for his last set of kitten shots on 7/17. I don't know weither I should take him in sooner or not? Neo is goign in at 3:15 because his inside eyelid is all red and he isn't acting right I guess I will ask the vet then to see what he thinks about sebastion. What do you guys think?
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I am very paranoid about URIs because Kitty suffered with one for months, but Simba, when we first got him, sneezed a few times a day. No other symptoms. I noticed that he sneezes when he gets into dusty areas so I have concluded that this was the cause. I put a little Grapefruit Seed Extract in his water for awhile just to be sure.
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I think sneezing is pretty normal, especially in a kitten. They are so curious and nosey about everything. If they have no other symptoms, I would say he is OK.
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if is just sneezing once in while for kittens it is quite common. but if he sneezes many times in a row or has any discharge of color or leaking, then he needs meds. Putting the GSE in his water or wet food, could help, and won't do any harm..

my only concern is that URI's are so contagious that if one of your kittys has it, you should isolate the sick ones from the healthy ones...
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If the inside of his eyelids are red and he isnt acting right take him in to see his vet. Better safe than sorry.

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sorry didnt realize that you were talking about 2 different cats! If you are going in anyways , bring sebastian in as well.

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Neo had an emergancy appointment so I could only bring him in. He has an eye infection Vet said just to keep an eye on sebastion.
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I can really relate to this sneezing problem. When I took both kittens (OK, I'm going to start calling them EMs for Egyptian Maus now, heh!) to the vet for their second set of shots, both went into this airline type carrier I bought from Marc's for $11.00. I sensed they were much heavier from the time I first brought them home from the shelter. It was no easy feat carrying these girls to the vet and back. The vet examined Lucy (light EM tabby) first, and said she looked "great." Nose clear, eyes clear, great color, form, gained a pound, etc... Then he examined Cindy. Cindy sneezed twice after I took the kittens into the waiting room and I explained to the vet how she had some discharge from her eye, was rubbing her ear, and sneezing off and on. The vet said that it was a virus and that kittens commonly get viral infections. He checked her ears then swabbed inside both ears with cotton tips soaked in mineral oil. He, too, told me to keep an eye on her and not to call unless the sneezing gets especially troublesome. Then he gave Cindy her second kitten vaccination. I don't have to bring them in for the third set of shots. (yay!)

I've been keeping an eye on Cindy and she still sneezes once in a while. I wipe away any discharge from her eye. She's getting plump as a butterball, so I guess she's doing fine. Lucy, on the other hand, looks thinner. Cindy has another problem, a bent tail near the tip. I don't know what happened. A few days ago she was chasing Lucy around the room and possibly knocked down the Nintendo Game Cube. The Game Cube or the plug might have fallen on her tail. Here's a recent pic of Cindy:
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When cat sneezes, it doesn't mean they are sick. The cat could have a cold or allergy. It doesn't mean they sick at all.
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