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hally & cally

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both little kitties passed away on there one week b-day. There little brother maui is doing okay and we are hoping that he will pull through. Please send vibes and prayers to mommy kitty bonnie that she will feel better and little maui will make it.
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I'm so sorry, Val...you tried so hard!

prayers for Bonnie & Maui
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I'm very sorry Val. My prayers are being sent and tears are being shed. Poor precious things.
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Prayers for Maui!!!!!!!!!!!! , I'm so sorry to hear about Cally & Hally!

We LOVE you Val!!!!

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Oh no, I'm so sorry

*sending good vibes for mommy and bonnie*

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Val, I just saw your thread in the lounge, and I'm so very sorry that you lost two of those precious little kittens.

Sending positive vibes to Bonnie and Maui!
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Val I am so sorry to read this. Baby kittens are so fragile and with mom being ill and not that attentive, well these things do happen. Someone sent me the following poem one year when I lost a whole litter of 5 compromised newborns. I pass it on to you in the hopes it might help you understand:

Somebody did a golden deed;
Somebody provided a feline in need;
Somebody sang a kitten a beautiful song;
Somebody bottlefed the whole day long;
Somebody thought, ‘Dear sweet please live';
Somebody said, "I'm willing to give";
Something young fought a valiant fight;
Somebody prayed it would be alright;
But the battle was lost for it just couldn't win
What was left in the end, was the grief to begin.

---Author Unknown
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Oh Sweetie, I'm so sorry! My heart goes out for you...I can only imagine how hard all of this is for you & your husband. You guys gave it your best try, so please don't beat yourselves up about it.
Praying that Mommy and Maui pull through this. Sending lots of good vibes to all of you!
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