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feel good story!

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I read this and thought that it was amazing! I have pulled this from cp24.com.

Mom, He Said


It may only be a simple word, but it was the first one spoken by an Arkansas man on Wednesday, after coming out of an incredible 19-year coma.

Thirty-nine year old Terry Wallis lapsed into the long-term blackout following a car accident in 1984. He spent almost two decades in a rehab centre, and uttered the three-letter address upon wakening. When he said it, his mother said she just “fell over on the floor.†He then said “Pepsi†and “milk.â€

Now Wallis is talking non-stop, and much of the verbiage is about the daughter who was born just shortly before the accident. Amber is now 19. Though the crash left Wallis a quadriplegic, he says he wants to walk again, for her.

He’ll also obviously be spending a lot of time with his wife, making up for a veritable lifetime of lost precious moments. “It's been hard dealing with it, it's been hard realizing the man I married can't be there,†Sandi Wallis said. “We all, the whole family, missed out on his company.â€

It appears the coma didn’t affect parts of Wallis’ long-term memory. He’d asked to speak with his grandmother, who passed on several years ago. He even recited her phone number, which everyone in the family had forgotten.

July 9, 2003
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I read that! WOW!
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Wow! That's amazing!

Thank you for sharing Ady!
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I think I saw that on TV the other day, that is really amazing. I wonder how much movement he will regain. My s/o says that if someone is in a coma for even a few months, they may never regain the ability to walk since their muscles have atrophied so much.
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amazing! I am from Arkansas by the way!
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