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my name is rocky

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i'm four months old and i live with my mama and two big older cats who hiss at me sometimes. they're girls and i think girls are dumb...they don't know how to play. for the past two weeks it was so hot that i didn't feel like doing anything so i laid around with my tongue hanging out. my mama kept spraying me with cool water and it felt good. two days ago they brought this funny smelling box inside the house and put this string into the wall. i went over as they turned it on and i found that it was cold over there, so i stayed near this thing. last night i felt good so i ran through the house all night long...i played with those old girls and i even jumped in my mama's bed but she didn't want to play so i jumped out again and attacked that roll of white paper in that little room down the it's all over the place...i don't like the way it looked at's morning now and before my mama went to work i hid in her purse thought she couldn't see me in there. she made me get out. i am not going to stop playing...i feel good!!!!!
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Welcome Rocky! We are so glad you are feeling better! It is hot were we are too. It was too hot for us as most of us are persians and have a lot of hair. Mom keeps saying we are going to get haircuts. Not sure we are going to like that or not.

Have fun playiing all day and keep up the good cat behavior!

The Dragon Pass Gang
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LOL great post. Welcome!

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Welcome Rocky, all cats are of course welcome here, but we would like to get to know the human equation of the post better.
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Hi, I'm Rocky's mama, and I see by that post that that little monster--I mean, little darling-- has been all over the place this morning. I joined the forum about two weeks ago but I never got around to coming over to this section of the board.

I knew Rocky was feeling better last night when he tried to get me up at 1:30 in the morning. He didn't tell you guys everything he did last night, like gathering his toys in his dishpan, opening the closet door and rummaging through the boxes in there, climbing on top of my desk and rearranging the books and pencils up there. He even pushed his dishpan bed in front of the portable air conditioner, and he gets very upset if either Angel or Ruby try to sleep there. When I got up this morning all I could see was big ears, long legs and big feet sticking up out of a blue plastic dishpan. I was laughing so hard I forgot where I put my digital camera.

I started keeping cats about fifteen years ago. I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, in the wintertime. My blood pressure was also high. I figured having a kitten rampaging through my apartment would cheer me up, and I was right. My blood pressure went down and stayed down. Of course, I found out that I am allergic to cat dander, so it's always something.

My computer is old and cranky, so I don't have the capacity to post photos--yet. That's what attracted me to your forum--I love seeing all the beautiful photos and signatures!

I work in an office by day and I sculpt and sell polymer clay cat figurines at night. Angel, Ruby, and Rocky are my models. If these kids want a new kitty condo I figure it's only fair that they work for it.

So, hello everyone, we're here, and me and the kids plan on visiting the boards every chance we get!
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They never do tell the whole the "I never get fed" routine at our dinnertime, or the "I'm the poor neglected one ever pays attention to me" routine!

Even though I don't suffer from SAD, I was clinically depressed when my two furrballs came into my life. What a difference they have made! I feel like I'm at my most stable point in my life, and although it's not all them I do know they played a part in it.
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welcome to the site, ruby and rocky!!
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hi to you and welcome, btw, i love the name (rocky) thats cute
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Hi, dougbug!

His name WAS Mars Bar--his brothers were named Snickers and Hershey--somebody was having a chocolate fit that day! I've had this kitten over a month, and he just didn't respond to Mars Bar. I thought about naming him Gizmo (he looks like a little Gremlin) or Taz (short for Tazmanian Devilcat) but he didn't respond to those names, either. One day I just yelled out, "Okay, Rocky, come over here!" and he ran over to me and looked up as if to say, "Yeah, whaddaya want?" and that was it.
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Welcome to you and you nice furbabies. You will like it here.
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Welcome to the board!
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Hi Rocky!!
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Thank you all for the warm welcome. This is Rocky's mom, and I have to say that for the last two weeks I was preoccupied with surviving the heat wave without A/C. Now that we have air, I noticed the other day that dear little Rocky is no longer suffering with that pesky upper respiratory infection he had. (When I took him into the vet my doctor was reluctant to vaccinate him because of all the bubbling the kitten was doing through the nose.)

I also noticed that Rocky is trying to mount six year old Angel.

My my, he really IS feeling better!

Rocky is only 4 months old; Angel and Ruby are both fixed.

Unfortunately for Rocky, this also means that now he can get his 14 week check up and shots, and after that he will be neutered in late July or August.

Sorry about that, sweetie! Enjoy those little cojones while you can!
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How cute! Welcome!
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Hi! Enjoy TCS!
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