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Bennett of the Blue Eyes

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Trying to post a pic of Bennett my lilac point Birman boy
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WOW! I'm speechless! that a beauty! fantastic eyes!!!!!
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Oh my! He is a handsome boy! And his eyes are beautiful.
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ohhh he is sooo beautiful, his eyes are so vivid!
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WOW!!!!! Sitting here with my mouth hanging open...gorgeous eyes! I would love to have a cat with eyes like that. Why don't orange ones have gorgeous eyes like this guy and the greys?
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Thank you for comlimenting Bennett his eyes are violet in some lights and in other lights a nice mid blue. This pic is a little dark but here he is with his friend Gloria,a little older blue point girl with lovely eyes.
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He is sooo adorable!!! Are those other 2 kitties yours too?
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The kitten on the left is Bennett - about 4 months old - he is nearly 6 months old in the first pic in the thread.....and I just caught him in very nice lighting in that pic.

Gloria is a girl I bred myself from my own stud boy and a home bred girl called Angel - she is Double Grand Champion Sharada She's An Angel - Gloria is registered as Sharada She's Heavenly and Bennett is registered as Sharada Magic Touch. I do show sometimes but first of all they are my pets.
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They are breathtaking. Thank you for sharing. Man, they are so beautiful.
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WOW! I breed Siamese,have a litter due in 12 day's! your cat are beautful!
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He is absolutely stunning! Thanks for the pics!
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Such beautiful cats
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Your cat is SO beautiful, and you are a very talented photographer. You should send that top photo into a magazine. It is just stunning!

Now, I want a Birman.
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Wow what a Georgous kitty Love the color of his coat and the eyes......dreamy
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Sherrel, Good luck with your litter - it is winter here and the Birmans have just started "calling" - they don't breed in the colder months. That little not quite six months old rather fancies he would like to be a stud boy - precocious or what!!

Thanks guys for your comments, I do like to take cat photographs and will share my best ones with you but I only have a cheap digital - no way good enough for a love to do it professionally but cost of set up is prohibitive.
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thank you!
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Got conned into entering Bennett's pic in a photo competition - will let you know when it comes up and needs
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Great Pictures!!!

There's a Birman cat show being held here today about 20 minutes walk away!!!

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WOW that is a pretty cat!
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OK Sam why aren't you down at the show getting the results for me.

Might be some of Dreams or Magics relatives doing all the winning.
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LOL I will ask some one for the results
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