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kitten killer petition

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This was a horrible cruely crime and click the link to be informed on what happened and please sign the petition. Linda
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Linda, isn't that one of the most horrible cases you've ever heard of? I couldn't believe any human being would be capable of that!

I'm going to move this to SOS, since this is really an SOS thread.
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I signed. Wow over 6000 sigs.. that's pretty good.

I hate this person that did this. I'd like to fry him on a bbq grill and see how he likes it.
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They start with animals and end with people. I heard he had gotten off with a light sentence.
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signed it
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signed it!
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i signed it. That is so horrible.
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I got sick to my stomage just reading that . They cant be normal people . I think they are sick in their mind
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I signed it too! people are so sick! they need to dole out harsher sentences for sickos like these!
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Helen started a thread just like this yesterday. It's even the same petition! Just an FYI! Here's the thread she started:http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=21616
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Frankly, I think that someone should BBQ the S. O. B. alive and let HIM see how it feels. 'Course I also feel that child molesters should be taken out in the woods, have their privates nailed to a stump and left there with a dull rusty knife.....
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