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What's this cat?

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Perhaps this is the wrong place to post this thread, but I don't know if the breeders section was appropriate for this question. I'm also new and I just started to appreciate felines recently. I want to know the breed of this cat, or if it might be a mixed. Please give me your insights; The cat is the same one in all of the pictures. I want this CAT! Thanks!

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Wow it looks like a Ragdoll in the top ones and some type of Siamese or Burmese mix in the bottom ones
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I couldn't guess at the breed, but I can tell he or she is very cute!
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In the fourth one down it really looks like a siamese.
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The coloring is a tortie point. She is a very beautiful kitty. She could be siamese mix.
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Definatly a Ragdoll! they are soo pretty and loving too!

Check out the pic in my signature. Berkley is a ragdoll/Birman mix. She looks very similar to your the kitty in your pics!
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She looks like a Tortoishell Point(color) Ragdoll(breed), She's adorable!

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I have to agree with Sam
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Thanks for your guys' 2 cents. I appreciate it a lot! <Bump>
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She is a very pretty cat - looks like a tortie point Ragdoll but might also be a badly marked Birman - no white feet - they do happen. Check her muzzle profile and if she has a roman nose - Ragdolls have straight profiles - she probably has Birman in her - I think she might be a Birman/Ragdoll Cross.

Lovely cat whatever she is.
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