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The thought of having urine extracted with a syringe from my cat just makes me recoil in terror!!!

Our Story....
With a small throw away aluminium pie dish, i collected a sample from Zooey the night before going to the vet... And put it in a bottle. When i called the vet the next day I found out that you can only use a sample that has been collected within an hour of the test...

So, i needed another sample.

Zooey having grown slightly suspicious of why she was being repeatedly placed in the kitty litter decided she didn't have to go...And so i unleashed the secret weapon.
Armed with the sample I had taken the night before i lured her over to the kitty litter and uncorked it... as soon as she got a whiff of her pee she started scratching around and then ..... anyway, so i managed to get my sample within the one hour time frame and saved poor little zooey's bladder from turning into swiss cheese.

I just thought i'd share this with you, in case you ever have to collect a urine sample from you cat. It's a lot less painful than the syringe method!!!

So, the trick is to have ONE sample in order to get the NEXT sample. And a small throw away pie dish...