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Went to the Brookfield zoo.....

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Today and it was sooo much fun!
We have pictures of Lions, leopards, Desert cats, bears, alligators, birds...mostly everything! We had so much fun there! We even ate Preuvian food which by the way was fantastic! It started to rain while we were there but that didn't stop me, We just bought those little garbage bag looking ponchos and went on. I wanted to see everything and by God, we did! We started at 10:30 in the am and we didn't finish until 5. The only thing I wasn't happy about was that the tiger wasn't outside. He was the one reason I REALLY wanted to go. but we saw other really cool animals and cats so I'm happy and content! We saw the dolphin show, and the daily elephant feeding/lecture. We have lots of pictures from there about 100 or so on the digital camera. I want to go again!
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I love the Zoo. I have ever since I was a little girl I could watch the animals all day.
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me too, that's my dream job! I'd be in heaven!
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I LOVE the Zoo!! I just went to the San Francisco Zoo a few weeks ago with my boyfriend. Let me share a couple pics!

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love those pictures Sicy! That Tiger is a beauty!!
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I have tons more but this is jugen's thread so I'll leave it to her to post some of her pics
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No please, share all of them! I am computer stupid and mine won't let me post anything on the site so I'd love to see you pictures! thanks for the tiger one! I love it!
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Baby cub!

Demon lion LOL

Me, not too fond of goats LOL

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WOW! those are sooo cool! I didn't get to see the lion up close so we didn't get a very good pic of him. We didn't see the tigers, or the lion cubs, or the peacocks! that is so cool! I'm glad you posted them! Thanks!
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I love the zoo. It was really fun to watch the tigers get fed One of them was growling SO LOUD everytime the zoo keeper walked by, people were screaming LOL
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Too cool! they were the main reason I wanted to go there, but I didn't get to see any! But I got to see LOTS of other animals and that was fun!
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great pictures!! I love the zoo, I always make my bf take me.. One of my favorite places at the zoo is the aquarium just because it's air conditioned lol! Now I'm gonna have to go again--yay
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I love that pic of the otter. I'm dying to go to the zoo, except that I would probably melt in this heat. I wonder what the cats would think of the zoo. Heehee, now I'm picturing them on leashes, Mocha trying to out-roar the lions while Willie hides...
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I love the zoo too! We went about a month ago and took my friends 3 year old boy with us. It's always more fun with a kido with you, I think! They have a baby giraffe and some tiger cubs here. The cubs were so cute. They were climbing all over their mother and playing just like our little kitties do!

Nice pictures Sicy!
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