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So Sad...Stray Kittens

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My hubby and I went to a local restaurant tonight to pick up supper. In the parking lot was two of the cutest kittens. One was a little orange tabby and the other was black.

We tried our best to catch these two babies and take them home but to no avail They were a lot faster than us and I was afraid they would run into the road it is one of the busiest streets in our town. Does anyone have any ideas of how we can get these little babies before they get run over in the road? I would at least take them in for a foster home until I can find them a permenant home. Any suggestions
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maybe you can call the shelter and ask for some help?
i hope you catch them though....
it makes me so sad whenever i see strays like that
my fiancee is so glad we live in apartment and not a house...
otherwise we'd be over run with strays!!
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You could try a Humane Trap, some shelters will rent them to you, you can also buy one from Home Depot for about 30-40.
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I live in an apartment too. If I lived in a house it would be a cathouse.
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I will call the shelter in the morning to see if I can borrow a trap for the kittens. I just hope that they make it through the night without getting hurt or worse
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Take some yummy treats with you when you return to trap the kittens. I'm thinking a can of tuna? It has a very strong smell ... that might really attract their attention.

let us know if you have success.
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A lot of resteraunts have ferel kitties that reproduce again and again. I have been told it is so they will keep down the rats outside. This is not very responsible on their part.
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I thought that I would give an update on the kittens from last night. Still haven't found them. I called the Humane Society and they are going to put a trap out behind the building to try and catch them. Miss Pat at the shelter said that she would call me when they catch the little ones.
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i hope you are able to catch them, poor babies, probally been dropped off, people can be so cruel, but on the other hand theres still people like you that is so kind, you guys are
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Cathi: We need more folks like you!!! Please keep us updated.

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Cathi, any word yet from the HS?
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Not yet I do plan on calling Miss Pat in the morning to see if they have been able to find those babies. I hope at least that they have been found and taken away from the road area where they were last seen.
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