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Out of control kitten

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Hi everyone,

I posted a month or 2 ago that I was adopting my first kitten Mya and i did end up bring her home... with a friend! She came home with another kitten, Emerson that was there being fostered with her. They were so cute together I couldn't resist.

I know that everyone is going to laugh at my suject, cause apparently most kittens are out of control, but Emerson is SO out of control. He is very rambunctious all the time. He tries to climb my leg, he tries to climb my curtains, but the thing that bothers me the most is the nipping. He is always attacking my foot and biting my arm if i move him. I'm sure this is perfectly normal, but does anyone have advice on how i can stop him from the biting. I don't want my guests to come here and have a toe bit off

Mya is just sweet and clam, she does her thing, walks around, loves us when she's in the mood, and mostly wants to be cuddled. he is just a terror. I don't want to feel sorry I brough him home, nor do i want my boyfriend to get fed up.. any ideas on how to calm him down a bit?

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I think most kittens are like that I would try at all costs to not allow her to bite you. Get a toy instead, when she goes for your hands. Reward her when she uses her toys or scratching posts!
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Please read the thread on stopping aggression, and focus on the section on play aggression. You can click here for that thread.
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Thanks so much for the advice! That thread was very helpful!!
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for biting hands and fingers, simply add some lemon juice in your hand lotion. Shake it up good and apply it to your hands, neck and face, if you wear shorts put it on your legs too.

Kittens bite all the time, partly because they are teething and because it is an internal mechanism they can't turn off. It is how they communicate, how they defend themselves and how they play.

I would strongly recommend you buy Amy Shojai's book Complete Kitten Care, you will find it in our Tabbytudes column linked off our Home Page. She gives several wonderful long examples about how to deal with biting, and the book is beyond excellent anyway.
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