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I might not be online for awhile

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Don't worry...nothing bad has happened. My computer is acting up again so tonight I'm going to try to reinstall Windows again (I keep getting an error message saying to reinstall it ). So, if I really mess things up (which I'm praying that I don't!), I may not be online for a while.

Just thought I'd let you all know in case if you worried about me!
Thanks and hopefully I'll be back on here later tonight!
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good luck! And thank you for posting the picture!
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Good luck! Too bad I'm not there. I've become an expert at reformatting and reinstalling Windows! Only because I was always messing up my system and had to re-do it all the time!!

See you soon!
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Good luck with the reinstallation and I hope to see you back here soon!
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aww man, I hate it when computer problems come visit...I hope you're all fixed up soon!
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im gonna miss you Shell.... I hate it when I have problems with my puter too. So I feel your pain.
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Hi guys! I can't believe it! I did it with out any problems and it was pretty quick too! I still have to reinstall my printer and Microsoft Office, but other than that I'm done!
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Good job Shell! You da woman!
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You go girl! Glad you didn't have any problems reinstalling you OS.
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Wow, I'm impressed! I had to reinstall Windows on my old comp and it wasn't that easy.
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computers can be really tricky sometimes....
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Cool shell!! What version of Windows are you installing?
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I installed the original Windows that came with my computer. It's Windows ME. I'd like to upgrade it, but I'll settle with this for now.
I've heard that ME isn't that good, so that probably explains most of my computer problems right there!
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Acck, yes Window MEss is not the best version out there. If you can get a copy of XP, do so. It is a far more stable O/S. My old machine had ME, this new one has XP.
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That's my plan...but I've heard the you can't "borrow" someone XP disks and use it as an upgrade. I hate to spend money on things like this since it's not a necessity, but I'm betting sooner or later we'll have to upgrade.
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oi I had the worst trouble with my comp, it was brand new and came with ME. Horrible horrible operating system. I upgraded to Windows 2000. I love it!!!!!!!!! I never have ANY problems.
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Awww Shell, I though something bad had happened, glad it's all sorted out

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