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Big Kat's Birthday!

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It is Big Kat's birthday,and she is not here! I will say Happy Birthday to her anyway!She can read it when she get;s back! Happy Birthday Big KAt!
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Happy Birthday Sunni Jean!!! Hope you are enjoying your time in Europe! I'm sure this will be one memorable birthday for you.
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We'll just keep this bumped up for her when she gets back! Happy Birthday Big Kat!!!
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Happy Birthday Sunni Jean!
I hope you are having a wonderful bithday in Europe! I´m sure this one is different from most of the other birthdays.
:daisy: :daisy: :daisy: :daisy:
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WOW! a birthday in Europe! What fun! I hope you are having a fantastic time!
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Happy Birthday Sunni!!!!!!!

I hope you're having a good trip!
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Just keeping it Bumped
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Hope you have had a fantastic European birthday!
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Happy belated birthday!!!!! Hope you're having a blast in Europe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Happy Birthday!
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Happy Birthday Big kats
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Sorry for being so late, but Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a great one!
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:daisy: :daisy: :daisy:

Thank you all SO much! I have such a big smile right now seeing this thread. I returned from my trip last night and just now thought I'd sit down to catch up on TCS and boy oh boy I had to start at page 12 of the general forum! I was so happy when I ran into my birhtday thread a few pages later! You guys are the best!

My trip was more than wonderful, better than we even expected! I'll start a thread with photos and tell more later today. My birthday though was especially nice, it started at midnight on the 8th at a bar in Prague, Czech Republic and then continued with a fantastic day and dinner on the 9th in Vienna, Austria! Two countries on my birthday!

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I'm glad you had a good trip and birthday Sunni!!!!!!

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Sounds like a great time, Sunni! I hope the rest of the vacation was just as great. I've never been to Austria, but I've been to Prague, and it was beautiful!!! Glad you enjoyed.

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