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I Love Mondays a.k.a. Our Daily Thread

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...am i the only one?

i guess it's because i know it's the start of a new week, and there are more possibilities
for a good week then there are in the middle or end, more to look forward to (hopefully.)

do you know what i mean?

then again, i dont have to get up and go to work, like a lot of you, so i can see where that
would be a 'bummer' though, i do have my own kind of work, pressures, stress and all that.

anyway, as i was telling Deb in the other Daily Thread, i'm sorry i havent been around
as much as usual lately, it isnt because i dont want to be, trust me, it's because of this
horrible back pain

it is keeping me from being able to sit at my computer for too long at a time,
or even lying down for too long, it sucks a$$ and i can hardly stand it, but,
i am seeking out physio and massage therapy.

i finally asked my best-friend if she would oblige me a ride 3 times a week,
and she has no problems with it ! thank god !! she was actually angry i didnt ask sooner!

shes my angel :angel2:

how are your legs Darlene? i hope you are having a better time of it then i am.

here is the u.f.o smiley you are so fond of because it makes me think of you,
and because you like it so

i read about your good news in the other thread about things that make you happy,
and i just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS, it makes me so thrilled that you will be
able to stay with your cats! and of course, your family (which come second of course!!)

at this rate i will be back in the hospital, like you were, and i am dreading having to go back.

Rene, how is the Lyme's ? i hope you are feeling better, or at least a little

Chuck, thanks for the email, i will be mailing you soon, how is the tongue doing? :tounge2: (sorry, coudnt resist)

Anne, if you or Alpha sees this, i want you to know i'm thinking of you, and praying for
you and your family

Shannon, i hope things are looking up for you, or will start to with this new week

i know i havent written back yet, but dont take it personally, pleeeease, i am really bad
for that right now, i hope you understand. i will get on it asap

Debby, how is work? how are you? i feel like we havent talked in ages, i miss you

Colby, how was your trip? how was 'the mansion' ?! tell us all about it!!! i wish i had your job!

DebbieA, Bonehead's Mom, Billie, illusion, gayef and everyone, here is a special smilie i 'altered'
all by myself in FireWorks tonight and here's some more just cause i think all of
you are very sweet, and kind

Mr.Cat, i hope you have a smile on your face today, and a whole lot of things to write
in the 'tell me one thing that made you happy today' thread! it makes me happy when you are happy

alexnell, i hope you have a good week; a wonderful week even! and i hope you know i'm thinking of you.

Deb, how is the house? how is work? anything settling down for you? i hope you are not becoming too over-stressed i love the photos so keep on posting them!

hissy, just want to say i'm thinking of you, and thank you for the thread you posted for me a few days ago

donna, i'm sorry if i offended you in Shannon's thread, it wasnt intentional, and i wasnt trying to
pick sides, i was just feeling a little over-emotional myself that day. truce?

Sandie, tell Ken to come back to our lovely Lounge! and i hope you are feeling relaxed and
ready for this new week after your weekend excursion!

Cleo, Catarina, where are you?!?! we miss you!

hope you all have a wonderful week, and here's a special hug for all of you that
hate Mondays so much <----- see he's hugging you!

and to everyone else i dont know very well yet, i'm so glad to have you here! (and, dont worry, i'm not always this sappy, oh, okay... most of the time)

whoa! talk about a talker sorry for this very long thread i cant help myself

take care, and much love to all of you.

*edit* (cause i cant stop talking)

POLL: dont you love this guy?! ---------> <----------

(it is supossed to mean 'aroused' and i get a kick out of that!)

POLL: can i fit any more smilies into this post?!

sorry if anyones computer crashed from the overload forgive me?!
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Well, Blue for once more you've made my day!!! I just posted in a thread saying that I hated Mondays but if could see one such nice post as yours every Monday that'd really make a huge difference

i'm really glad you're back!! I was missing you!!!
I hope everything is okay with you and pray your back is ok soon
Lots of love!
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well, you made my day with that lovely and caring post, so, thank you

my back & legs are actually numb right now, so, let's hope it stays that way awhile,
even though it's probaly not good for me, either is taking Tylenol's, so, what to do?

i'm very tired, i'm going to try to get some sleep i've been up all night with this
and it's really time now to try to get some sleep.

wish me luck! and thank you for your well wishes

hope you have a good day today, and everyday this week! :clown:

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I am sorry that you have such bad back pain. I was wondering if you have ever tried acupuncture. I had chronic pain in my neck everyday for eight years. I went to med doctors, chiropractors (my father being one as well) Nothing worked. I tried the acupuncture. I had 5 treatments and I have not had the pain since. Chronic pain is a living hell.
The worst of it was I like to paint and I could not focus on it for very long and when you cant function normally it is very hard.

I sincerely hope you find an answer to your pain. Take care
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first, good morning to you

secondly, thank you for that suggestion, i have had it reccomended to me before but was
unable to get past my fear, now i am rethinking it completely, i think i'll do anything
to get rid of this pain - not only is it in my back, but it's in my knees (if i'm standing too long)
my neck (as well) my ankles and my head - though mainly in my lower back area.

Chiropracters didnt do anything for me, massage therapy always helps, though i tend to think it
just eases the pain, it doesnt 'cure' it.

i've had Doctors tell me i'll have to live with it all my life, as there's no cure for
Fibromyalgia (what i have) and i just laughed and said, YEA RIGHT!

geez, i'm only 21, and i cant handle it anymore!

i think i'll consult with the local acupuncturists(sp?) and let you know how it goes...
how painful was it, by the way?

thanks for caring.
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Good Morning to you too Blue. Oh you are so very young to be going through this.

Acpuncture is not painfull at all.Just a little pin prick. They use tiny little needles and they put them in just far enough so that they stay there. You look like a human pin cushion though Sometimes they attach a little wire to it which is attached to a machine. You dont feel anything but you see the little needle moving a little. The session lasts around 20 minutes.

Acupuncture is such an ancient treatment. The orientals have used it for centuries. It is worth a try. I got to the point that I would try just about anything. Let me know how it gos for you if you decide to try it. Good luck to you.
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I agree with Elinor! You MUST try acupuncture! Almost 3 years ago I got rear-ended right off the freeway. The pain was immediate and my massage therapist friend suggested an acupuncturist that had worked on him. I met with Dr. Yu (he was fabulous... knew very little english, being straight from China.. but was very into his line of study with acupuncture and Chinese medicine!) He worked on my back the first session by putting needles in my back and neck (which, btw, feels like someone taking their thumb and index finger together and tapping your back real quick to get the needle in.. you hardly feel a prick!) and then he hooked some of those needles up to a machine (like Elinor said) which was an Electrode machine. What that did was to help send electricity into your body, directly into the muscles and joints. After the session, which was about an hour and a half the first time, he massaged me out.

Of course nothing works over one session. I had to go back every week or two weeks (I cannot remember) in which some times he did straight acupuncture, minus the electrodes, etc. I always left invigorated, like I had more energy than after a plain massage. I took a few treatments and my pain was eased. I stopped before I was healed all the way, but I really enjoyed going to him when I did, and I would totally go to him again!

Try it girlfriend! Get some reccomendations and go! I hope you get well soon! It must be miserable with chronic back pain! You have my thoughts to get better soon!! Talk to you later!

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Acupuncture cured me of my back pain. Plus if you get someone who really knows what they are doing, when they are finished all you want to do is find a pillow and sleep like a stone. I see my guy once a week and the treatment is 20 minutes long. He does amazing things.
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I never hold grudges and will always be there for you if you need someone to talk to. We are all here for each other.

Here's to a truce. Hope you're feeling better. You must be the only one who likes Mondays because I think they're awful!!! I suppose if my work week started on Tuesday I'd like Mondays too!

Take care of yourself.

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Happy Monday all. Thank you Blue for including all if us in your post. It is nice when people take the time to do all of that. I sure hope your back is better soon. I am sure Ken will be back on this week. He has some serious stuff going on right now.
I too am going to apologise for not being on much. The weekend took a toll on me. I am so tired I could drop. I am trying to catch up and it seems I am farther behind every minute.
On the bright side, I got to bring Antarctica home today. She is such a doll and she hasnt had any problems with the cats yet. We went for the HERE I AM approach this time. If I have problems tonight, she will go into a room and we will try the slow approach.
I hope everyone is off to a good week so far
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Hi, Blue!!
I love Mondays also...because I enjoy going to my job work is like coming home to family. Please try to follow everyone advice in the above posts..I think it might help you deal with your pain. And thanks for mentioning me in your post, it gave me a warm feeling that someone cared enough to include me in a post.
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Good day here at the site. Blue is back, as well as Catarina, and the Cape Cod Crew. It was kind of barren around here over the weekend.

I got word this evening that Allie (my daughter) arrived safely in Australia. Dan, if you see a large group of kids all dressed in red, my daughter could be among them! My son, Anthony, also made it to Houston.

No work for me! A blessing, but I do have a ton of schoolwork to accomplish this week.
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Blue.....I really have missed you lately!!! I am SO sorry to hear you have been in such pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish I could be there with you, and somehow take some of the pain away....
I thought it was so nice that you and Donna made peace, you both are such great people!!!!!! I mean that!!!
And one of the things I love about this site, is that sometimes we can be bit--y, or complain too much, or get too defensive, but when it comes right down to it.......the love we have here is more powerful than any hurt feelings could be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I you guys!!!!!
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Thank you for remembering me in your original post! We are fine, here. About the Monday thing, I like Mondays now that I'm retired from the workplace. Weekends are nice, too. I used to like Tuesdays a lot because they meant Buffy Night. (Summer re-runs are now on Wednesdays.)

There is one itsy-bitsy, teeny-tiny thing that would make me happier: Tell me you finally took custody of the compact disk I sent you! I trust you'll like it, in part at least.

I'm very sorry to hear you're suffering such terrible pain. I hope you will take the advice offered on this thread and see an acupuncturist. I pray you find relief. I'd be perfectly willing to take some of your pain, if such a scenario was possible.

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thanks to everyone for responding, and offering support and your ideas, accupuncture
sounds like a miracle worker, but, i dont think it's within my budget. how expensive is it?

my grandma said it's quite high. i shall have to call and see.

vlinder, Donna, Debby, DebbieA, Mr.Cat, Deb, hissy, and Sandie,
thank you all for your responses, and your concerns, i'll be alright, it's just
going to take some time


i thought for sure i had already told you about what i thought of the c.d.

i think i'm losing my memory capability.

i, of course, enjoyed Bjork, and The Beatles, Sade was a nice surprise, and it was
nice to finally hear 'Cat Power' i remember you mentioning them in one of your
first posts! overall (though i cant stand Hole or Tom Jones it meant a lot to hear
what you love to listen to) dont hate me? i know you are a big Hole fan

thank you for taking the time to put it together and send it to me, it means a lot to me,
i shall be making my c.d.'s when i'm in Victoria July.6th to July.13th - my brother has
a burner

i cant wait for this trip!
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No worries, mate, about not liking Hole! They're a love-'em-or-hate-'em kind of band. At Hole.Com a few of us began the "Björk Army of We" club, which was quite popular for a time.


I'm glad you liked Sade, too! One of the most enjoyable parts of making a compact disk is scouring the inter-net to find photographs of everybody, then fitting them all on the jewel case.

I'm looking forward to your reciprocal album!

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I can't help that everytime I see the title of this thread Blue I read it as "I love MONKEYS" instead of "I love MONDAYS"!! I am so sorry!!!:tounge2: (I really like watching monkeys though and perhaps that is why my eyes play tricks on me!)

Anyway, acupuncture does not have to be pricy.. FYI. You could implement something like not seeing your massage therapist for a little while until you tried some acupuncture treatments. When I went, my doctor was very nice to me. He took into consideration my age at the time and asked if I was a student at the university. I got an instant discount. My sessions were $20 each, which compared to an hour of massage from the local massage school (which is cheapest) was $5 cheaper.

So just look into it perhaps for a month and see if you even like it! Good luck chicky!

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