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Your first car?

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MA and I were reminiscing about our first cars last night. So, I dug out a picture of mine:

a 1967 Mustang; never should have sold it......

My 2nd car was a 1973 AMC Javelin. Not many of those around. It was a pretty unique vehicle.

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I still drive my first car
BMW 318i 98 model,

sorry I dony have any pics yet
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I'm still driving my first car. It's a 1993 Subaru Legacy Sedan. I bought it in 1997 and we have this agreement that he has to last me until at least 2007.
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I don't have a picture(since I have been driving 30 years) Dodge Cornet!
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best cars I have had !
74 Mustang
71 Carmaro(SP)
92 Chevy Lumia(SP)
70 monty (Loved that one)
92 Berrita(LOVED THAT ONE)!
I think I loved the mustang best!
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'74 Mustang? That was a "Mustang 2". My mother had one of those. As a matter of fact, the 67 was hers until she got the new one. I got it as a hand-me-down. Hers met an untimely fate. It burned up in our garage in a fire.......

Let's see, after that:

79 Honda Accord
86 Toyota 4Runner
95 Isuzu Rodeo
01 Ford Escape
03 Ford Explorer

Love my SUVs!
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My first car, and really my only true car love of my life so far, was a 1970 Tan Volkswagon Bug. Her name was Baby Bug, and she hated Fords. She always got a little more get-up-and-go when we were at a stoplight next to a Ford. Oh, and she LOVED Harleys. She liked to show off for them.

I still miss my Baby Bug, and that was over 10 years ago!
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your right Deb 25 of course all mine were used but I still ran them intill they died!!
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I don't have a picture of mine since "I" totalled it out.....it was a 91 Nissan Sentra, baby blue color 2 door 4 speed....I loooved that car!
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My first car was a 1968 Buick GranSport. Cool car... and fast too! Don't have a picture. It was a LOOOONG time ago and I wasn't in to pics as much then! That was 27 years ago. My, time flies!
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1980 Ford Granada, white with a blue roof, and no tape deck
followed by
1982 Nissan Sentra--transmission died at 80,000 miles
1992 Plymouth Sundance
1994 Geo Prizm--still have this one, it's a great car
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The first car that I will have put payments into will be (come tomorrow) a '95 blue Honda Accord.

My most recent car was a '93 black Pontiac Grand Am... Before that I drove a '89 (I think) blue Ford Probe... could be off on the year with that one.
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I much prefer my current car!

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I can see your speeding tickets now......
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My first car was a 1980-something Ford Mustang II, affectionately known as "The Roach". It had this horrible mustard yellow interior and a lot of engine problems, but I loved that car. I once fit 8 people in it (thank god we weren't pulled over by the police).

My second car was a Plymouth Reliant (or "The Unreliant") with the shift on the column. That car was evil from day one, and eventually blew a head gasket.

Car 3 was a Cookie Monster-blue Geo Metro. That little piece of junk three cylinder car lasted me through most of grad school and had over 100,000 miles on it when it died (even my mechanic was surprised how long it lasted).

Car 4 was a Ford Tempo, white with red interior. Two months after buying it, I got in an accident that caused $3000 in body damage (no one was hurt and the girl who hit me was driving Daddy's company's car-all repairs were on their insurance). The transmission finally failed.

Now, car 5 is a 1998 green two-door Chevy Cavalier. I'm finally making my own car payments and I love this car to death. Her name is Mary Lou. Am I the only person who names their cars?
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LOL No you are not! I am making down payments on a 1995 Chevy Luimua.When I have the down payment payed off then I get it! It is Black w/ gray inside! I love it! Can't wait !!
I name all my car's! My little blue dodge colt( while I am trying to sale) was the blue colt! I forgot to list that one !
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Originally posted by Deb25
LMAO!!! *speeds off into the sunset*
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I have named all my cars...until the last 2. I can't remember the Mustang or the Javelin's anymore. But my Accord was Swoosh (take THAT, NIke). My Rodeo was Lil Sis.
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I have never had a speeding ticket in my 30 years of driving!! Every time I get a fast car everyone says oh no ticket time!
(you have to know how to talk to a cop) LOL
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Originally posted by sherral46
(you have to know how to talk to a cop) LOL
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My first car was a 1991 Chevy Corsica.. It wasn't the coolest car but we had a lot of fun times together..

sherral.. My dad loves Chevy Luminas.. He drove one until it had like 200,000 miles on it then sold it and got a newer one.. The old one is still kicking tho because we always see the guy who bought it driving it around.. They are good cars..
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this will be my 2nd one! I had a 92 I drove intill the tranny blow up! And had almost 200,000 miles,and I swore I would have another one.
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My first car was a silver 92' Ford Probe- what a piece of crap THAT was!!

Then I had another Ford (stupid me )- a red 94' Ford Escort- pretty good car, except for the brakes which were always being worked on.

Now I'm on car #3 , my black Toyota Corolla, which I LOVE My next car will be a Toyota for sure!! Maybe another Corolla...
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jagaruba--if you treat your Subaru right it will last you past 2007. I bought an 88 Subaru wagon (before they started giving them the fancy names) in 95 and it lasted till 2002. The only reason I had to get rid of it is because it was totalled in an accident (hit by an idiot with no license, no insurance, and driving a borrowed car with no insurance--he was arrested at the scene but put 5 people in the hospital). My Dad is driving early Subarus from either the early 80s or late 70s (I'm not sure of the dates but we had them in 84) today still.
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Lets see - it's been a while since I started driving (like . . . 20 years . . . YIKES)!!!

1. Renault 5
2. Volkswagen Golf
3. Rover 216
4. Citroen 2VC Dolly
5. Mercedes 190E Maroon
6. Mercedes 190E Silver
7. TVR S2 - fast and SEXY!!!!
8. Mercedes 190E (same as No6 - got it back from ex-husband)
9. Mercedes C180
10. Saab 93 Convertible - just Sexy!!!!
11. Mercedes C180 (same as No9). Had to sell beloved Saab

12 (hopefully) - once I have accounts for the business, and turnover permitting I really want either a Mercedes CLK Coupe or a BMW X5.
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The first car that was all mine, was a '64 Rambler American station wagon. My dad bought it for me and it was UGLY. One thing, that I never understood: WHY did they put Nash seats, in a station wagon?
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let's see...

used bright yellow 1977 toyota corolla w/a dent on every surface (I didn't put them there!)

used bright orange* 1977 pontiac astre safari station wagon that used a quart of oil every 2 days until the tranny died (for $100, what do you expect?)
*a man ran into me in the middle of the day in this car & said he didn't see me (!)

used 1984 silver toyota corolla with a diesel engine - great little car for 7 years until the timing belt broke

used 1997 mercury sable station wagon in BEAUTIFUL condition with lots of room in the back for dogs & camping equipment but with better mileage than an SUV (no kids yet, unless you count all the furry ones!)

Honestly don't think I'd ever buy a new car, they lose so much value the second you drive them off the lot...
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The first car that I bought myself was a 1983 Dodge Colt - red. I loved that car. I would get 50 MPG and it was a stick shift. I love driving standards. My last two cars have been automatics and they are just not as fun to drive.

The first car I had my father bought for my sister and I to share while we were in high school. It was a 1975 Chev Impala and it fit a lot of people. It was great.
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