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FeLV scare. Any info would be appreciated.

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One of my cats is being re-tested for FeLV due to reoccuring mouth sores. I am especially worried because I personally know someone who had a cat die of Leukemia that had originally tested negative.
What if she tests positive?????????
I have 12 other cats and a foster cat who has had contact with her!!!!
She has been with me for 6 1/2 years.
What are the odds of originally testing negative but later testing postive???
I'm scared.
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Try to relax and remember it is treatable. It is transmitted with body fluids from one cat to the other so it is considered somewhat safe. I'm also assuming all of the cats have been vaccinated as well so the risk to her and to the other cats is VERY small. But she does need a vet and you are on the right tract. Good luck and I'm pulling for her!!
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feline leukemia is treatable? I did not know this. I know very little about the disease except that it is contagious. As I understand the vaccine is not 100 % for cats living in close quarters with an affected cat. I wish I knew more about the disease.
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It isn't always treatable but yeah it is. If you are really scared isolate her from the other cats. Try this web site


It should ease some of your worries and now I would like to hear what you find out.
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FELV is NOT treatable. Once a cat contracts it there is nothing you can do. The cat MUST be separated from all other cats. In fact, your cat should be separated already.

If your cat does test positive you have to test all your cats and retest 3 months later.

The vaccine is a good vaccine, but daily contact with the disease cannot guarantee your cats will stay negative. If they all share the same water/food dishes and groom eachother you are increasing the chance of them contracting FELV. You MUST test everyone if your other cat is FELV +.

Good luck. I hope that everything works out.

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It isn't cureable but it is treatable. In some ways it mirrors aids in that some cats live a very long time after testing positive.
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Jen, Maybe you are still reading the site and perhaps you have gone on to bed but I wanted to leave another note before I went to bed. I sorta waited for you to read some and come back. Remember your cat has tested negative and your cat's have their vaccinations so just because the vet is testing for FELV doesn't mean she has leukema. The risk is very small and your vet is just exercising caution. It could be many other things. But if she does test positive for FELV it isn't as bad as people think. She may live as long as 20 years. That site I gave you list resources for all types of treatment. Good luck and please keep me informed. I'm going to bed huggies
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My cats are NOT vaccinated for FeLV/ Living indoors 100% and testing kitties as they comein to the house was enough for me. OOPS
I will know later today.
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Oh ...please let me know what you find.
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I believe you are confusing FELV with FIV. FIV is the feline version of AIDS and yes cats can live long lives with FIV. It also cannot be cured, but with careful care and nutrition the cats can live normally.

Cats with FELV have a lifespan of 3-5 years, most on the 3 year side. There is very little you can do, and once a cat starts showing the effects of the disease it isnt long before they are gone.

I dont mean to scare you. I had a cat with FELV and he lived about 2 years with the disease and was fine until he started getting sick. It's just quality of life. I would never say euthanize if the cats is positive. No one knows how long they will be around, so it isnt fair to do that to the cat.

I hope your cat comes back negative? Was he already tested? Did they do a snap test? With snap tests they will have the results in about 10 minutes, and they are very accurate.

Good luck.

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Thank you all for responding. Amber is NEGATIVE. I always tend to think the worst case scenario, but it is better to be prepared, I always say. Thanks for the info, though, I still want to learn more about this disease.
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Congrats! Thats great news!!!

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Smiles I'm really happy she is ok hun!!
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