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New Total = 308 Cats that have Disappeared!

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I have been praying so very hard that we would never reach this number, but we did. Antioch just toppled over the 300 mark for the total number of cats to have disappeared from their owners.
New evidence has also been discovered. The very next day after our two cats disappeared, which was Christmas Day, I designed the first of many "Missing Cat" posters and began the painful process of posting these flyers in and around my neighborhood. Each day I would branch out a little further until finally, after about three weeks, I had placed about 80 color posters in about a 2 mile radius around my house. I put most of them in plastic pages, turned upside down, so they would be protected from the rain. This process is the most gut wrenching and time comsuming thing that you have to do, because you are constantly looking right at the beautiful face of your kitty, each time you put up another poster.
As everyone knows, after you have put your posters up you are supposed to check on all of them about every three days, just to see if any of them have been taken down. They say that this could be an indication of someone feeling a little guilty. The following Saturday morning I got up to go and check my posters. I got in my truck and started out on my route to check my posters.
I could believe it . . . they were all gone!!!! Each and every one of them had been ripped down!!! Many of poles still had the plastic pages dangling from the top and bottom ends where I had placed the tape. All of my pain staking and heart wrenching efforts to find my kitties were abolished in one night. I cried for two days straight because I knew I didn't have the time to do this task all over again. You can't believe how helpless you feel when something like this happens, you feel like . . . well I don't know how to decribe it, you just feel as if you have let them down (your kitties, I mean)
I recently found out the exact same thing happened to several other people. One lady put all of her posters up right next to a poster of a missing dog. This way if it was city workers who were doing this they would take down both her posters and the posters about the missing dog.
Guess what folks! Only the posters of her missing cat were torn down! I only wish I that I had a small army of volunteers. We could catch these creeps, if we had enough people to pull a couple of nights of surveillance. We could place posters up in a neighborhood where a cat recently disappeared, and we would be sure to place the posters in prime spots. I will bet you anything we would catch our thief(s).
I wonder what our city council would say about this latest news. They would probably say something to the effect of, "The wind here in Antioch can get quite blustery, we see paper signs blowing around all the time, so this is not evidence of foul play". Well, I think we all know where the hot blustery air comes from in Antioch, don't we.
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Hi Jewelcat
Have you called and talked to the city Mayor yet? I called the Antioch Chamber Of Commerce last week and the people there were under the impression that there were only TWO cats missing. When I told her of the letter from your Councilman ... She was dumbfounded! I'd called the Mayor, if you haven't already, and have the people who's cats are also missing start doing the same thing ... BOMBARD his office with calls!!! ... Then demand that the TV news station do an update. I'd also hit the newspapers again. Try to get some kind of reward out if possible. Also call Animal Control and see where the Coyote dens are in your area, the least this will do is dispel the coyote theory. I would get a map out and map all the areas (down to the streets)the cats are missing in ... try to pinpoint the area of main target ... within blocks. This has to STOP!! Have you contacted Actors and Others For Animals? I'd send them a copy of that councilman's letter too ... If he's not willing to do anything about this then it's time he STEPS DOWN!

Wishing You The Best
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In February, when the total was only 117 cats, I created the data base of all of the missing cat information along with plotting each disappearance on a map of our city and I have been up dating both ever since.
I sent out letters to everyone who had reported a cat missing letting them know that I was going before our City Council to give a speech requesting their help in forcing our local law enforcement to open an investigation. (Unfortunately about 50% of the letters were returned) The newspapers have run several front page stories, please go to
http://www.contracostatimes.com/comm...8_20010420.htm to read the last story. I have also contacted many different and very highly respected professionals including a wild life management specialist, and all have stated that in their professional opinion what is happening here is definitely human caused.
I have spent well over $1,000.00 out of my own pocket and the time I have invested exceeds hundreds upon hundreds of hours of work. Even after all that I have done, the city still prefers to slap me in the face with "this is normal cat behavior" or "these numbers are normal for a city our size".
I have done all this plus I have my own business and I am the full time care giver for my mother who is in stage four of Alzheimer's. What more do they want me to do?
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