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Does anyone have any idea

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what breed are my kittens?? At first I thought they were part Maine Coon because of Lucy's ear tips, but they have the coat pattern of the Egyption Maui. Both kittens have big ears. Mom cat was a spotted tabby, just like her girls. Here's a recent pic of the kittens to give you an idea of their color and appearance: I know they are most likely a mixed breed, but can you characterize them as one or more particular breeds?

Thanks for the beautiful pics of newborn kittens (they are so pretty!), cats, and cat breeds.
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This isn't the greatest pic because of the camera glow in Lucy's eyes, but it gives you a good idea of the kittens' size and coat patterns. Again, any ideas of what breed(s)? Thanks a bunch!
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First of all they don't look anything like MC's(Check out the breed thread)

They look alot like EM's to me

Thanks for sharing the pictures, they are so cute

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I had to include this pic to show you the black points on Lucy's ears. I couldn't post the pic in its original size, so you'll have to look more closely to notice those ear tips. Again, this is a more recent pic than some at my webpage, but it was taken a week or so ago when Cindy had some eye discharge.
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I think they look mostly like Pixie-Bobs. They have some Maine Coon characteristics, but not much. They are absolutley stunning! So cute!
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Where did you get them from? They look like Domestic Shorthair's to me. Some DSH cats have nicer markings than most pedigree's.

Whatever they are they are beautiful.

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they look an awful lot like Egyption Maus. In fact, the U.S. has the largest number of EMs in the world. It's really interesting what bits of information you can uncover from the internet.

Here are some websites with more Egyption Mau (EM) info:




As for descriptions, the kittens have the two facial mascara lines, spotted body with banded legs, large, moderately pointed ears (yup, they have ear points!), long, lithe body, at least one broken necklace, and spots (vest buttons) on their tummies. I'll have to take a pic of them with their tummy spots showing!

I guess my kittens would be bronzes because their background fur is tan/beige. But these EM kittens can have coats with lots of different colors, even white. It's really fascinating; I just want to adopt some tabby cats like my lost cat, Mysty, and I end up adopting Egyptian Maus with spots. We never noticed the spots when we first saw them. And I want kittens that will grow into old, big, fat tabby cats, and I've read that EMs only live about 12 to 14 years.

Here's a pic of some EM kittens. Notice those large ears.
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from the local animal shelter. The shelter labels all kittens/cats
DSH or DLH and may describe them by their fur as tabby, tiger tabby, etc.. but they don't get into breeds.

Here's another example of an EM kitten:
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any breed can have ear-tips, even my persians have ear-tips, you just pluck them off before a show.
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I really dont think these cats are Egyptian Maus, I've owned 3 in my life and they really dont look like Maus to me. I've also rescued a lot of kittens and your kittens look a lot like brown spotted tabby domestic shorthairs. Nothin' wrong with that, to me it doesnt make the kitten worth more or the kitten worth less. The US may have the most Maus in the world, but the world only has about 400 Maus in it, those Maus are kept as close pets and the kittens are sold for quite a bit of money. Actually a lot of breeds can be spotted tabbies, so spotted doesnt mean a Mau or Oci. I dont know where you got that Maus have coats of many colors, even white as you stated. Maus only come in 3 colors; silver, bronze and smoke. Silver is the most popular, bronze is very rare and smoke is even rarer, so the chance of you having a bronze mau, let alone a mau of any color, are silm to none.
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appear to describe the background color of Mau cats. My cats may be brown spotted tabbies, but they sure have a lot of characteristics of Mau cats. Their ears, for example, are large and look just like the Maus cats. Thanks for posting about the pixie-bobs as I did find a pic of one that looks a lot like Lucy, but in general, pixie-bob ears aren't that large. I'm just saying that if you went back to my kittens' ancestors, you would probably find them in the Ethiopian highlands or among the African wild cats, or the Maus. Here's an Egyptian Mau kitten from a breeders site that has darn near every color in its fur, including white. This kitten could pass as a double for Cindy's and Lucy's brother, Max. Max has the same white paws, white on his face and chest, and those tabby stripes. I don't see a lot of spots on this kitten, do you? Just a few tummy spots, btw. This, however, is a genuine Egyptian Mau kitten.
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they are very very cute! Looks like dsh to me. Cute little tabby cats
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Sorry, I made a huge mistake!! The kittens' pics that I posted as Egyptian Maus are in fact Egyptian Coons! The Mom cat (a pedigree silver Egyptian Mau from a cattery) mated with a roving Maine Coon named Fluffy. The cattery owner used an electric fence to keep her breeding cats off limits, but Fluffy the Maine Coon couldn't have cared less and jumped over the fence to mate with his sweetie, Rani Bastet Mau. Okay, I admit our kittens could possibly have some Mau and Coon blood, as they and their brother Max look an awful lot like the kittens from that website. Sorry, guys and gals! From now on, I'll behave. Brown spotted tabbies it is!
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It's not like you really misbehaved. It's just that a lot of people seem to believe their cats are part this or that. This kind of works in the dog world. But in the cat world if your cat is a purebreed or even part purebreed, you would pretty much know as much. Purebred cats are either sold with a neuter/spay contract or are bought to be breeders, and therefore watched somewhat carefully.
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Your kitties look so sweet!

The one thing I notice about Isis, my roomie's silver Egyptian Mau (I gotta keep reminding myself she isn't mine so when the day comes that we part ways I won't feel too clingy) compared to my mixed who knows what's in their ancestory tabbies are her eyes are very almond shape, not so much round, and her back legs are a bit longer then either of my full grown cats. She's very fast. She's incrediably talkative as well.

Though spotted mixed tabbies wouldn't sell for the price of a Mau (I couldn't afford Isis if I wanted an Egyptian Mau of my own heh) they are pretty darn special to me! I always thought spotted cats, no matter the ansectory, is pretty cool.
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It's just wishful thinking on my part that I would own a valuable cat like an Egyptian Mau. I visited the local shelter to report my cat (Mysty) missing and I kept visiting the shelter to look at the cats (I missed mine so much!), that I felt I had to adopt some. Plus, the shelter volunteers were trying their best to find homes for the cats and kittens.
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