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Help: Cat Acting Drunk...

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I know that this is not a forum for dispensing medical advise... I'm really looking to get a sense of exactly how worried I should be about my cat's behavior (as described below). I've been googling symptoms and haven't come across anything that sounds quite right. So if anyone cares to either a) help me get a sense of how worried I should be or b) suggest a good source of information, I would be grateful.

My cat vomited after eating last night... a huge hairball + undigested food. Shortly after she was acting drunk. She was wobbly, her paws crossed, low to the ground, and then she toppled over onto her side. Obviously this freaked me out and I was about the call an emergency vet line, but within moments she was acting completely normal again. She drank some water, went back to her food dish, and then jumped onto the bed to cuddle. I watched her closely for an hour... looking for signs of anything abnormal. When I went to bed I set the alarm to check on her every hour. It's now been approx. 12 hours since the episode and she still seems perfectly normal. She was playing with her toys when I left her just a bit ago. Should I be worried?

My cat is about 5 years old. I also have a 15 year old cat. They are both indoor only cats. I don't have any plants, poisons, etc. that they could get at. The only thing that I can think of is she ate or was stung by a bug... I live in Virginia and, so far as I know, we don't have any particularly nasty or uncommon bugs.
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I would continue to watch her closely. If she still seems alright by the first of the week, I would call the vet's office and follow their instructions. I think the vet would want to check her out.
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I would watch her and call the vet.

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I'd call the ER vet and describe what you've told us and see what they say.
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Please take your cat to the vet immediately. This behavior could be the sign of something serious! Our cat was just diagnosed with diabetes and this description could be related to a diabetic condition or hypoglycemia, both of which require immediate attention. If your cat has a related "ketoacidosis" condition, it's life could be in jeopardy. Don't delay! Good luck!

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I don't know... I wouldn't mess around. You don't know if she ingested something poisonous. I would definitely call a vet ASAP. For instance, anti-freeze poisoning - ethylene glycol -- sounds like these are your cat's symptoms.

It's not just in anti-freeze either.

Here is a link.

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It almost sounds like a seizure. If she was older, I'd suspect a stroke. Definitely call your vet on this one.
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Go to the vet.

My cat was barffing for 3-4 days, I figured it was hairballs and gave him hairball goop. Everything else was normal. Today I noticed his skin was bright yellow, he is now at the vets fighting for his life. He was just fine eating and playing yesterday...

I'd go and get a full blood panel.
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
It almost sounds like a seizure. If she was older, I'd suspect a stroke. Definitely call your vet on this one.
NOT necessary.Blaze was ONLY 4,and suffered a stroke.
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Peace of mind - let a professional evaluate.

The Vet might not be able to identify, and just have you watch her - but then, you've at least alerted the vet and if you need to go back, or call - he/she would already be aware of what's been happening.

Hope she is doing okay!!
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Is there an update on this situation and the kitty?
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