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Sleeping in bed

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Until about a week ago, my cat has been sleeping with me in bed. She now jumps off the bed when I put her on it to sleep. The room is air-conditioned, unlike other rooms in the apt. Does anyone have knowledge to why she doesn't sleep in the bed anymore?
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Yes, cats are strange.

Zoey changes where she wants to sleep all the time. The first month I got her she jumped on the bed with me every nite to go to sleep. Now.. she goes to get her midnight snack, then usually goes to sleep in her kitty bed. I dont think its anything to worry about. Cats just have a mind of their own!
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Oh, please don't be offended, but I think this is a really funny question. I have no idea why cats do most things they do. That's part of their charm. I have found that you can't put a cat anywhere and expect it to stay. Its only coincidence if your idea of where the cat should be, and the cats idea are the same.

Seriously, I have found that my cats find a spot and sleep there, every night, for weeks on end. And then suddenly, they switch to a different spot. Sam slept beside me for months. Then he was gone, and now he has decided to grace me with his presence again. I have stopped wondering why, and I have no idea where else he sleeps, because as soon as I get out of bed, he is at my bedroom door, hoping I am heading for the food dish.
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Don't take it personally like the others said... Cats just change their minds about locations They must be Gemini's... only way to explain alot of the behaviors I've seen !!

I had the same thing happen. Jarama used to sleep beside me on my pillow when he was a few months old, but as he got older he decided he just didn't want to share the bed anymore and started to find new places... he goes from one to another different nights of the week. I took it personally at first and was a little saddened but quickly learned that he's not mad at me, just... needed a change. He's growing up.

Urraco never really slept in my bed with me when I brought him home, but always tags along with Jarama instead (who was somewhere else).

Recently in the past week or so... I've woken up nearly every single morning to both of my kittens wrapped around each other right beside me half on the bed, and half on my pillow with me (sleeping like humans, head only on the pillow, body on the bed!)...

They just sleep where they want Sometimes it's with you, sometimes (alot of times) it'll be under the bed.... and then you have nights where they sleep in the bathtub, in the middle of the floor... by a window... or on your business paperwork :P It's just... something they do.
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Thanks to those who replied to my cat's sleeping situation. As it turns out, the temperature in the apt last night was consistent throughout the apt and she returned to sleep on my pillow! Therefore, I can only guess that because the bedroom was cooled by the AC, and the other areas in the apt were warm/hot, she remained outside the bedroom or under the bed as her natural way of dealing with the heat. I am very pleased now (and find it funny about how concerned I was about such a behaviour). Boy, I think I'd go crazy if I were always this paranoid with having Kids!
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