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Does your cat type on your keyboard?

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I am curious about your experiences are with cats and keyboards. Do they type something that can be read? Please post it here if you remember it!

If you have several cats, is it always the same cat typing, or do they all do it?

I have written my honest view on cats & keyboards on my blog.

Let the cat-typing begin!
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OOOh I will have to ask my mum, her cat Claudia gets on her keyboard every night, I will ask her tonight if she types anything in particular, all I can hear from my end is the computer making noises like when you have pressed lots of buttons x
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Cool, I look forward to your mom's cat writing. ;-)
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If one is using windows there's a few programs that will recognize cat typing and prevent it. I have no idea if there's anything on linux or mac for that - but I've had one of my kittens nearly log me out of my session and another time hit a function key. If I make the mistake of leaving open the desktop with my media player on it they'll often unpause it.

Years ago I would (and still do) leave a couple different chat clients open, one sitting on a room with just a few friends in it. One of my online friends, who ironically is Swedish, grew up with cats so he recognized when mine were on my keyboard. Once one of them typed "polo" and he replied "Why yes, polo is a very distinguished sport for a cat".
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
If one is using windows there's a few programs that will recognize cat typing and prevent it.
Ya, PawSense can detect if a cat is typing. But it's more exciting if they do. =)

Polo, so now we know what they would like to watch on TV...
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Daisy walks on my keyboard or just plops herself down on it. She also sits on the television remote and changes channels. Maybe she doesn't like watching Project Runway?
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Holland used to... but after two separate incidents, she is not allowed on my keyboard anymore. The first was when she did SOMETHING (still have no idea what) that made my keyboard shortcuts all wacky, thankfully re-booting the computer fixed whatever she had done. The second being the time she ripped off my "r" key:

When she did manage to actually type something and not ruin something, it was always nonsense... If I remember correctly she liked x's and z's. And apparently NOT r's!!
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One of my kitties loves to chase the cursor and everytime she does it, she steps on the on/off button and turns off the computer. Now I keep usually some make up bottle on top of the button so the kitty can't step on it.
I have the button '6' missing from the keyboard..
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sdkjj s;lkfdp vsuie[ dl[][asdjj sd;pvj z;lxjv
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Originally Posted by Pat Traufield View Post
sdkjj s;lkfdp vsuie[ dl[][asdjj sd;pvj z;lxjv
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Ari doesn't type as much as press key combinations that only OS programmers would need or use.
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Oh, yes, indeed. Snalbert is quite the computer geek.

Check out this post about him doing FireFox updates.

And here's his email to the Boston Public Library.
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Most of them have taken a turn at the keyboard, but no literary masterpieces have resulted.
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Originally Posted by Bunnelina View Post
I just CRIED laughing at the email to the library. The whole idea is funny, but what really set me off was that the "message" begins with "Weeeeee"...

Obviously, someone was having fun with the keyboard. Based upon the intro, I'm guessing that your translation would be "Weeeee, this is fun! This thing makes clicky noises when I dance on it!"


For her part, Sophie often likes to "contribute" to my TCS messages. I'm a total computer nerd, I'm always online, and she likes to lie on the desk between the keyboard and the monitor base. Occasionally, if she decides she wants an ear scratch, she'll put her little elbows on the F1, F2, etc, keys, and then stretch her paws out towards me, mashing keys along the whole length of her "arms." Mostly this just results in windows opening and closing rapidly, followed by that awful system beep, but occasionally she'll come up with an actual message.

Recently I was typing a reply in a TCS thread, and Sophie typed something to the effect of "bnnnnnnny" into the message. Since one of her nicknames is Bunny, I came to the conclusion that she feels that when I'm writing about her, it's only right that she sign her name.
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Mine are huge IM users, I had to remove all the hotkeys because they would open programs too. Quincy is trying to help me type now They do seem to have a preference for the letters f k l
They also like to make phone calls
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Oscar gets on my finances keyboard he(oscar) types alot. Lots of ?'s sometimes ^ just alot of everything. He(Oscar) also loves to follow the mouse when he is playing computer games. He(Oscar) LOVES watching him play EVE online. It is cute to watch oscar head move really fast to follow.
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yes, she does type. No, it doesn't make sense to me.
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They haven't started typing yet, but they are excellent proof readers

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Bella walks across my keyboard only when I'm using it. She has no interest in my computer any other time. She typed the word "pee" once and I thought it was better to type it rather than do it
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Quincy typed something that looked like it was supposed to be a very bad f word yesterday - although a little mispelled, all the letters were there
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I have the Windows 7 and my boys Liam and Darby seem to be able to make the screen I am on disappear. I think they want me to stop typing and pay attention to them.
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