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Best Friends (pic)

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I think we've got some best friends on our hands. Everyone is adjusting to the new puppy very well. I wish I had more time to post but right now I am having summer midterms at school, the kids are out of school for the summer , and the puppy needs constant supervision!! I sure miss you guys.

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awww...they look like they are a match made in Heaven!!! How precious and priceless too!!!
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how adorable!! :
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aww, I hope my kitties adjust that well when we get a puppy. way to go!
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Ohmgosh that is the cutest picture ever!! That cat is gorgeous
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Oh my gosh, how sweet!
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Weee that is so heartwarming. Very precious thank you for sharing.
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:angel4: :angel2: Isn't that a Boston Terrier and Siamese?
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I will answer that. Yes! Gunner19 I still love your cat! He looke so much like my Grayski!
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OMG! That is the sweetest picture! Thanks for posting it!!
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That's sooo cute :
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Aww... I love when cats and dogs get along
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lol Jason!
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awww cute little precious ones!
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those are great pictures. I just hope the cat isn't bigger than the dog when the pup is grown. My boy Ceasar a Minature Pinscher is out weighed by both of his buddies
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How cute!! We bought a Boston Terrior before we moved out, i'm too scared to have him come near my cats! He is so darn hyper! Homer (our terrior) stayed home with the mom!
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Thank you all for peeking at my picture. Jason thanks for sharing your pictures. My two can get quite active when playing also. I love it!! Soloman takes advantage of the back or arm of the couch too leaving poor Norman on the floor to bark. He might grow up to outweight Soloman buy just a few pounds, he is only expected to get 15-20 lbs.
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